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Getting Crafty with Colortime Review

We were first introduced to Colortime last November and I shared them as one of our Winter break boredom busters.


As a thank you for sharing their information, Colortime sent me a pillowcase and marker set to review.

Ms. M. was all over it upon arrival.  

Ms. M Creates

She liked how smoothly the markers worked on the pillowcase and that it didn’t take a lot of time to color in a spot.  Since most sleep overs and play dates are time sensitive, that is a big plus for this Mom.

We invite you to discover your inner crafty person with Colortime! They have everything to make you look like super Mom at your kid’s next sleep over, birthday party, play date, Girl Scout troop meeting and rainy day boredom buster. Plus, these crafts are easy on the wallet with most items priced at $5.95 or under. 

Right now you can save 15% off any project by using the code: 15USG or by clicking HERE.

I hope you found this review helpful. 

How do you get crafty with your kids? I'd love to hear about your projects.

Disclosure: I received the pillow case and marker set to review for Colortime as part of the US Family Guide Mom Bloggers. All opinions are my own. 


  1. My two youngest children (7 & 2) are the most crafty, that gene skipped myself (my brother is actually an artist, and my husband does graphic design) and my oldest (lol, I love him, but ...yeah).

    The other two and my husband are always doing something, painting, coloring, or building. They do a lot of wood working together, and he is always in the shop with Daddy. But when by himself, he loves to color and draw.

    This past birthday, we bought him a real set of drawing pencils and a sketchpad. He's not so much into toys as he is into art, and we aim to let that blossom.

  2. Hi Heather,

    Do not discount yourself as not being crafty~ creative. You draw pictures with your words. :-)

    Your hubby and kids would fit in well here as my hubby is a master carpenter/cabinet maker so some of the kids could hang out with him and then Mr. Art could draw and create with my girls, who both love to draw and right and color. If there is a blank piece of paper laying around, it will not stay that way for long!
    As for us, well I think we'd just have to grab a cup of coffee or tea and grab some chat time.

    Thanks for stopping by busy lady!

  3. Those look great! They would be a wonderful present for next Christmas!


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