Halo Oral Antiseptic Review

by Linda A Kinsman, Monday, November 26, 2012

Have you heard of Halo yet? It is a first ever oral antiseptic spray that is clinically proven to kill airborne germs you breathe in.

I love their tag line- ” Halo- All you need to protect you and your family from the air you share this cold and flu season. “

 I was very intrigued and offered my review services to Halo. They sent me 2 bottles, one for children and one for adults. 


Product DescriptionThe Science behind Halo

Up to six hours of protection with only three quick sprays. Whether you’re in a minivan full of knee-high sneezers, or boarding a flight aboard Secondhand Air, you can rest assured that three quick sprays of Halo will keep you protected from airborne germs for up to six hours.

In a clinical trial conducted at Case Western Medical Center, ranked one of the 2012 Top 25 Medical Research Centers by U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT, Halo was tested to see how long three sprays would continue to kill breathed in airborne germs. 
The results showed that when a person used three sprays of Halo, Halo continued to kill airborne germs that were breathed in for up to six hours, even when people were eating and drinking.

My Review:

At first I have no idea if Halo was working or not. It is a preventative spray, so unless you purposefully expose yourself to a cold bug, you won’t really know. So I sprayed my family and waited.

First reactions to Halo. 

My nine year old didn’t like the taste of the childrens' spray one little bit, mainly because it is grape. She is not a fan of “grape” flavored anything. She said it stung her throat a bit. I told her to take a drink of water to wash it down. She did. Then she gave me double gross face and said that made it worse. As I continued my review testing, she would allow me to spray her throat randomly.  

The next morning I asked my 13 yr. old to give it a try. She had already been informed of the “dreaded spray” by her little sister, so I figured I’d get a same song second verse reaction.  But I am happy to report she didn’t find it that unpleasant tasting at all. She did say she felt a tingle in her throat at first too. She refused to take a drink of water after the first time, because she said it made it linger. She did allow me to use the spray again, but we didn’t spray every morning.

My reaction to the adult citrus flavor was favorable. The spray has an oily quality to it. I didn’t feel my throat tingle until I tried a drink of water. Yep, it does make your throat tingle and makes the taste worse.

Hubby’s reaction to the adult citrus flavor spray was so-so. At first he wouldn’t let me near him having heard all about it from the girls.  I finally got him to open his mouth and he said it tasted gross after he took a drink of water and his throat tingled.

At this point I am the only one taking Halo regularly. I am not getting sick. Hubby wonders if it is placebo effect.

And then… my 13 yr. old caught a cold! Whether it was from us not spraying every morning, or the fact that Halo only lasts 6 hours and she is at school at least 8, we aren’t sure. What we do know is she caught a cold and was home sick for 2 days. I had been using Halo spray once daily and upped my dose to every six hours.

I didn’t get sick.

But, my nine year old did! I got one daughter back at school just in time to help another feel better. Through it all, I kept spraying Halo. I am so happy to report I did not get sick! My hubby asked me to spray him too once our second daughter caught a cold.

I do highly recommend this product! Just remember to make quick sprays and not drink water right away and you and your family should be fine.

I hope you find this review helpful. You can learn more about Halo at their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure: I was sent an adult Halo spray and a Children’s Halo spray to review. I received no compensation and all opinions are my own.

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