Bon Appetit meals are a hit!

I served 2 of the Bon Appetit parchment meals recently for my family’s dinner.  Along with a garden salad and garlic bread, this was a quick and easy way to get a healthy meal on the table quickly.
The meals are very easy to prepare, just place on a pan and pop in the oven.

Our choices were Beef in Red Wine Sauce and the Chicken Florentine.

Both got rave reviews!

Both parchment meals provided more than enough entree.  My husband was stuffed after his meal . The rest of us had to save some of ours!

The Beef in Wine Sauce was our clear favorite! 

Bon Appetit Beef in Wine Sauce

A few statements from my family:

This is almost as good as yours Mommy! Serve this again! Or from my hubby: if a guy doesn’t cook but wants to impress a lady, he could pass this off as homemade! 

Neither my husband nor I could detect any attributes usually imparted by the use of wine (subtle earthiness in sauce/flavor or darkening of sauce), but we will definitely buy this again to keep on hand for busy nights. We are also recommending this to friends. Especially those who may be single, pressed for time or simply don’t enjoy cooking.

We give this meal an A +++!

The Chicken Florentine, while very good, didn’t get quite the same rave reviews.

Bon Appetit Chicken Florentine

We loved the healthy amount of spinach used in the creamy Parmesan sauce, which was outstanding!
We liked that the chicken remained moist and tender, but felt it required a bit more seasoning, even just salt and pepper and wished would could have seasoned prior to cooking.

My daughters both enjoyed this dish and even said it was better than some restaurants’ Chicken Florentine they’ve had!

For my husband and myself, there was just something off about the pasta. It tasted like frozen pasta.

Overall we would still recommend this product and give it an A!

Thank you Bon Appetit and BZZ Agent for the opportunity to try these products. 

Update: 6-22-12
 I'm adding a link to Bon Appetit's store locator so you can find these in your area.
 Bon Appetit Parchment meals store locator

I found mine at Walmart. :-)

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