Wordless Wednesday - My WAHM Plan

Wordless Wednesday

What my daughters really want for Christmas
 Since we only like dogs, rather than love them we know they aren't a good match for our family, so I don't think this will ever happen... but never say never right?

Maybe another kitty is in order.

Are you giving a pet as a gift this year?


  1. LOL! We have so many pets, but that happens when you have a farm! Thank you for GFC follow! I followed back. God bless you!

  2. Kittys are good...if you have mice. We have the dog and cat partnership here. The dog protects her and she chases mice. Sometimes they hunt together.

    Be sure to check the breed background before deciding which puppy (if you ever really get one). Our dog is a collie/border collie mix. I picked her for being a collie, but when the border collie was thrown in WOW! Her first 2 yrs. she was emotionally immature. Even with dog training we were perplexed. Then at age 2 she finally showed her stuff...fantastic dog now! Totally smart, loyal and responsive. We love her but it was a JOB those first 2 years.

  3. Hi Kay!

    What type of farm do you have? We have just 5 acres, but there are two huge farms just across the street from us. And so many horses and cows and goats near us, I fall in love with all the babies as I'm driving.

  4. Hi Donna,

    Our outside kitty who adopted us 3 yrs. ago is a good mouser.

    I bet your doggie is pretty! Do you have pictures of her on your blog?

  5. It reminded me of a campaign here in Singapore to adopt instead of buying a pet. Kids would usually adandon them after a few weeks.. So they are pushing for adoption.

  6. Hi Viviene,

    Thanks for visiting! We adopt from Happy Tales instead of buying as well. We are waiting for kittens to be available... which may not happen in time for Christmas. :(
    I'll hop over to your blog soon!

  7. Good luck when you find your furbaby. We did a cat one year for Christmas because its all our son was asking for. Sadly she is no longer with us now.


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