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Blissfully Domestic

All week I been busy with all things domestic. And it has felt so good to be in the moment;
in the zone as the pros's call it'; where your hands are busy and your mind is free to ponder and review at a much slower pace.  Multi-tasking isn't an option and we all need the down time ladies ( and gent's if your are reading this post).

I thought I'd shake things up a bit and tell you what I have accomplished this week.

Monday- Laundry and lots of it. I had done some consignment sale shopping on Friday
and needed to launder all those finds, plus the normal loads from the weekend.

Question- Do you ever get done with your laundry where all baskets are empty?I don't and I'm just not going to beat myself up about it!

I started sorting our closets and rotating our wardrobes for fall.
I also ironed several fall pieces. I don't mind ironing one bit, I actually rather enjoy it.
It soothes, especially on a dreary day. It also calls to mind memories of my Mom and Grandma ironing 
in the kitchen, which is probably why I iron there as well, with my radio turned on low, just like them.

Question: Do you iron, and if so, do you enjoy the task?

Tuesday- The girls had the day off from school due to parent-teacher conference day. Both girls were sent home with forms indicating no conferences were needed unless I requested one, which I didn't because I am in contact with their teachers and both girls are doing great scholastically. Not boasting, just complementing them. 
We spent the day together, playing Mario, visiting the library and grabbing lunch. Oh and laughing, alot!

Ah, yes, this is why I do what I do.. for them and family.


Question: When was the last time you belly laughed with your kids, hubby or friends? Try it, you will look and feel better!

Wednesday- I baked! I finally got the- much requested- first of the season- Apple Pie done! I love making apple pies, or any kind of pie really, but there is something so delicious about Apple pies.
 The house smells heavenly for hours afterwards and my family could not wait for dessert. I almost hated moving on to the cupcakes I baked next fearing the smells would intermix and be icky sweet, but no; my daughters assured me that it still smelled awesome as they counted the cupcakes and agreed on how many
they would get after we sent in the dozen requested for Ms. T's class reward day. I also sorted my magazines for recycling and/or sharing.
I always keep my Better Homes and Gardens, which is my favorite magazine! My big magazine basket on the mantle is full, even with the culling of lesser magazines, so I think it's time for a new plan on what gets saved and what gets shared.

Question: What is your favorite magazine?

Thursday- Today I will be scrubbing bathrooms and floors. We have 3 full baths and I have to deep clean, it's part of my DNA handed down from the afore-mentioned Mom and Grandma, so I feel no guilt in placing clean bathrooms as my headliner for the day.
It's my least favorite task of all. I'd rather wash mini-blinds and windows! Which are on my radar.  The floor scrubbing I don't mind, but I do wish it wasn't raining so I could hang my rugs outside to dry.


Question: How do you rank cleaning baths on a scale from 1 to 10 with 1 being love and 10 being hate?

Friday-  I'll take a stab at cleaning out the foyer closet. It looks like a mini-shoe store exploded in there. Now that we are in the midst of Indian summer, we have sandals, flip flops and slides vying for space with boots, Sperry's and sneakers. I have to push and shove to shut the door. A clear sign that I must take up this challenge! I won't even delve into the upper shelf where I store the hats, gloves and mittens, nope, I am picking my battles wisely so I'll have time to properly primp and arrive at my youngest daughters class fall party fresh as a daisy on time! ( which means 20 minutes early to help set up) and full of happiness!

Question:  Why must schools schedule all parties at the same time and in the afternoon when the kids are frazzled? We won't mention the adults here, that's got the makings of a great blog post later on.

So that's my week of domestic bliss, well almost bliss if I could do away with the bathrooms but that is highly unlikely isn't it?

I hope you'll take a minute to answer a question or two. Remember to laugh with your loved ones and pick one task and dive in!


  1. Sounds like a busy domestic week!

    To answer your questions:

    1) I'm great at washing and drying clothes, but I have a serious issue with folding and putting away. So sometimes, you'll find clothes just sitting in the basket waiting to go upstairs. So no, rarely do I have a clear basket. And luckily, the clothes we wear don't require ironing, so I don't have to do it.

    2) I laugh every day with my husband and little one. Part of what attracted me to Seb is his good humor, and we definitely make use of it! Laughing can be such a stress reliever.

    3)Mmmm. Apple pie sounds so yummy. As for magazines, I'm addicted, but I try to get them from the library so that I have to take them back. If there's something I like, I scan it in and save it digitally. I think my favorite is Good Housekeeping right now.

    4) I'd probably give bathrooms a 5. I don't love cleaning, so that's the lowest the score would go. It is my favorite room to clean because it's so small. I can keep it clean way easier than the other rooms.

    5)I have no idea why schools do that, but I'm kind of looking forward to that day when Vivi gets to have school parties. I'm sure I'll be less excited once I actually have to do it, but that's years of idealistic dreaming that I have yet to do.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your week! And great job with getting so much done.

  2. I love reading Real Simple. It takes me quite a while as the photos, the tips, the unusual uses of items are all so creative.
    Ironing? Yuck! Just the same, it takes time and is very 'zombie-like'work. I think I'd rather clean toilets!
    I loved having days out with my kids and even gave them one day out (during school) every 3 months or so for no particular reason. When I took our 16 yr. old out to an ice skating rink with me for the day, he met a junior league ice hockey skater who showed him how to stop on his skates. Within 6 months, our son learned how to skate, play hockey and was on a team that played the Canadians! Never discount the time you spend with your children!

  3. Hi Heather,

    Wow, thanks for answering all my questions! You are the BEST blogging buddy ever!
    I subscribe to Good Housekeeping too and I use my libraries magazine lending area at least once a month. Some months, nothing sparks my interst, but I'm happy when I can snag a good car or scientific magazine for hubby. Those babies are expensive! I wish we lived closer, we could all start a magazine swap!
    I can tell you are such happy, upbeat person that you surely laughed daily, happy Moms Rock!

    As for school, well it comes way to soon! Keep enjoying every single moment you have with your baby, because in a blink of an eye you have to start sharing them with teachers! :-)
    Hopefully your elementary school will be smart and stagger the class parties start time so parents don't have to get "inventive" with parking!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Happy Friday Donna,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Ugh, toilets.. at least I got them cleaned and off my list for the week.
    Your description of Real Simple magazine has me intrigued... I will be on the look out for one when I drop off my magazines next week at the library.

    Okay super cool Mom, I know my daughters are going to be pointing out how awesome it is that you let your kids have a day off of school for no particular reason AND something amazing happened for your son because of it! :-)
    Talk about raising the bar! Seriously though, that is such a wonderful story, thank you for sharing a part of your family with us.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. You've been so busy dear. As I read this post, it sounded like me thinking aloud. I can relate to so many things here, the difference between us is that you have teenagers - I have toddlers. lol.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment. Following you.

  6. Ah, thank you Nekky! I hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend and enjoy those toddler years! They can be exhausting, but jam packed with happiness!


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