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Don't Copy Me

As I sat down to my laptop this morning, I had every intention of finishing up the post I'd been working on over the weekend. After visiting so many wonderful blogs over the last few weeks ( many of whom stopped by here first, thank you), I decided that I needed to post here more often AND that it was perfectly okay for me to talk more about family stuff to boot! Afterall, I am a work at home Mom; home is in my title.
So, I was writing a piece all heartwarming and domestic-ey, when I decided to take a break and see how my lil' blog that could was doing this fine morning.

Imagine my surprise when I saw that I've had a boat load of visitors this morning, but only a handful were reading my latest post ( yes, I was looking at my stats) and there were no new comments... so super sleuth that I am followed the yellow brick road of clicks to this post:

Okay people, there could only be a couple of reasons you are visiting this old post. And I have a sneaking suspicion that getting the freebie wasn't the lure. IF you are doing a review for this brand or IF you are offering this Freebie too, kindly do your own leg work, find your own pictures ( like I did) and write your own review. Don't copy me. Thank you!

Thanks to Miranda over at Moms Book Shelf for having a Copyright Free button on her blog.
I've placed one on my blog now, so I feel somewhat protected.

I'd love to hear from you on this topic. Has your work been used without your knowledge or consent?


  1. Someone else I know had a similar problem recently. It's the action that is hurtful. You do all the hard work and put hours and hours into a post & *poof* someone just takes it.

    For me I'm fine with anyone who copies (not photos though), but I deserve credit if I created it. But it's a bit different since I am a recipe blog.

  2. Yes it has been used but I've found out and left a comment on the posting. It was actually by someone who had previously reviewed one of my children's books. They gave credit to me in the new posting by sending people to my site to read the whole post, so I thanked them.

    I have been alerted for a personal photo of me with my son, clearly marked with that information being copied for some reason by someone in India. That creeped me out..especially not knowing what their purpose was for using the photo.

    I put the copyright notification on my site, but I have to would be a huge hassle to go through with getting them to take what they copied from me down or notifying Google.

  3. I've luckily never had issues with people copying me. Or at least, not that I'm aware of. Though I do occasionally check Copyscape just to see. I know a lot of people also use Google Alerts, but I'm not sure of the details to using it.

    Did you check to see which of the referral was the culprit (if it shows up there)?

  4. Hi Heather C.

    Thanks for your input. I guess I've been a bit naive in thinking that nobody would want to re-use anything I posted here. You really do learn something new everyday!
    I'll stop by soon and see what you've cooking up this week. :-)

  5. Oh my goodness Donna! That is creepy! I agree that sometimes it's better to stay focused on what you are doing rather than going through the hassle of trying to make somebody else do the right thing!

  6. Hi Heather T.
    Thanks for your insight on Copyscape.

    This is all new to me. I have a few Google alerts set up, but never thought of putting one on myself or my little piece of blogsphere. :-)
    I did a quick look at my referrals and they are not from the United States. I figure I've done what I can, and I'm just not going to waste anymore energy on it. :-)

    I'll stop by and see what you've been working on this week soon!

  7. Donna,
    I'm stopping by your blog too! ( Forgot to put that in my comment a minute ago).


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