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in , by Linda A Kinsman, Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Company description:

Reviva Labs The One " Health Food Store" brand used in over 1200 professional skin care salons.
A natural skin-care company who has introduced more skin-care firsts in the USA ( via health food stores) than many of the cosmetic giants.

My Take:

I was first introduced to Reviva Labs through a wonderful Mom Blogger Community I'm a member of  
Mom Says Aye.  Amber, the owner has worked tirelessly to provide a blogger friendly community complete with an Opportunity page, where Reviva Labs had posted a request for product reviewers.
One quick trip to Reviva Labs website and I was signing up.
I was approved and asked to choose a product for review. Since I am a gardener and a lady who cleans without gloves a vast majority of the time, I was very interested in their hand cream and treatments. 

 When I saw that the dry hand treatment was a 3 product process, I contacted my
helpful Reviva Labs liaison to ask her which product I should choose. I was pleasantly surprised when she said,   We'll send you all three so you can do a special "hand facial". 

 2 weeks later, I received 3 full sized products, a catalog, product information pages and a very nice letter
from my company liaison who also included a step by step guide on the hand facial. It's refreshing to have a company go above and beyond what is required of them. 

The Reviews:

Product 1: Alpha Lipoic Acid, Olive Oil & DMAE Hand & Body Lotion

My Take: I love this lotion! It is non-greasy, goes on nice and smooth, drys almost instantly ( a real plus on busy mornings). It has a pleasant almost fragrance free scent and it is non-irritating. I can use it right after shaving.  In fact, I started using this with my self tanning gel and it makes application 100% easier.
Because this hand & body lotion works so well I think it is worth $ 14.00 for 8oz and I would buy this again!

Product 2: Green Papaya & Hydrogen Peroxide Mask

My Take: This product worked wonders on my hands when I did my "hand facial".  It did as promised and exfoliated, conditioned and moisturized my hands.
This product has a nice, fruity scent that isn't overpowering. It's a little greasier than I like.
When trying this as a facial mask, I could not leave it on my face for the suggested 10-15 minutes. After 7 minutes, I started feeling a slightly uncomfortable itchy-tingling all over my face and washed it off. I had a couple of small bumps on my chin the next morning which may be because of the high moisturizing
properties of this product. I wouldn't buy it and/or use it in this summer months again, but I will use this product again in the winter months to see if that makes a difference.

Product 3: Pomegranate/Lactic Acid Peptide & Botanical Exfoliant

Reviva Labs product

My Take: Any time a product says it can gently remove dead, dulling skin and impurities, I'm interested. This product is amazing! It did just what it claimed it would. Not only did my face feel super soft, but it felt really clean without feeling scrubbed to death. Oh, and this product worked wonders on my dry hands
during my "hand facial"! The only thing that could make this product any better is purely aesthetic. The color and fragrance are bland. This product is $19.00 for 2oz, so I would buy again with my hand & body lotion to save on shipping, Reviva Labs currently charges $ 8.00 postage and handling per order.

The take away:  I liked working with this company and using their products. I would re- purchase 2 of the 3 products sent me .  Visit Reviva Labs HERE for more information.

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