I’ve partnered with Vocalpoint.com  to bring you this tasty review.  I received a coupon for a free International Delight Coffee House Breve Cream of my choice along with a handful of 55 cent off coupons to use later, or give to friends, but I may not share after we tried the Dark Chocolate cream!

 International Delight Coffee House Breve Crème comes in 3 rich flavors to choose from: Dark Chocolate Cream, Vanilla Caramel Cream and Hazelnut Cream.  For me, it was the dark chocolate all the way, but to be fair I put it to a family vote. My husband and girls all agreed that yes, we should try Moms favorite first.  I have trained them well.
We have since used every single last drop of the Dark Chocolate Cream and it is heavenly! Truly, International Delight have made THE perfect all natural cream! My coffee has never tasted so good. Chocolate-y, not overly sweet (I used one teaspoon of Splenda instead of my regular 2) and yes, it was just like the ads say:  Breve Cream is made with real milk and cream so you can enjoy that rich, creamy coffeehouse flavor at home”.
 My husband liked it as well agreeing that it was not overly sweet and was creamy without tasting milky and weak!
Of course, I couldn’t leave my girls out of this product review, so I made them mini Latte’s! I took my smallest coffee cups (about 5 oz.) filled to ¾ full with 2% milk, microwaved till warm. Then I added a healthy glug of International Delight Coffee House Dark Chocolate Cream, then a top off of coffee. The girls, who normally don’t drink caffeinated beverages, thought they were delightful!  No sweetener required!

We will definitely buy this product again and I highly recommend it!

Next we’ve decided to try the Vanilla Caramel Cream.  The girls want us to make the Ooh La French Toast. Find this recipe and coupons  by logging on to: http://www.vocalpoint.com/Breve .  We will also try it on top of our oatmeal.  Doesn’t that sound Yummy?

Also, I found this great tool at International Delights Website. It's there Savings Calculator.
  Save money and the planet with CoffeeHouse Inspirations™   Each Year I Save
Earth Saves
 104 cups
Inpriring isn't it? Go give the Savings calculator a try at International Delight.  You'll also be able to print coupons, and learn about all their great products.
I'd love it if you'd come back here and share your savings numbers!
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