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This week is a continuation of projects I started last week.

 March 8th was International Women's Day.  I recognized the day by visiting sites, learning more and sharing a link here, but did you know that the 8th was also National Home Office Organization Day?  I didn't think so.

 I didn't know about this day either until a story popped up on Google!  In the spirit of this day I thought I'd share some of the tasks I did on the 8th and what I hope to accomplish this week.

·           Emptied my inbox. No, not emails. The ever so neat looking "inbox" sitting on the top shelf of my desk with all manner of notes, to-do's , half-finished  projects and the like.  Nothing urgent enough to do ASAP.  I have a folder just for those projects.
   Seems I've let this task go for a while. I unearthed some love notes from my girls and re-read each with a smile straight from my soul.  No wonder they are still here I think to myself.  I’m such a clever lady to have put them back to re- discover them later.
  Hmm, what else do I have in here? Pizza coupons.  The email address to a contact I've already put in my hubby's business contacts,   school fundraiser forms (you know the kind sent home almost daily until the event)?  I know I volunteered or sent in the money/drink/gadget required because,   see?  There’s my check in the top right corner indicating DONE in my world.  So why do I still have the paper? Cause my neat looking inbox hides oh so many secrets.

·          I did a quick eenie, meenie, miny, moe to decide which file cabinet to open first.  Left or right.
 Left being the behemoth holder of ALL and right the smaller less frightening holder of how to manuals, notebooks and trade publications with important articles for hubby.  Yes! I do read them and turn down the corners of interesting articles.   I am his secretary after all and you could learn a lot about the state of our economy by reading what is going on in the housing industry, but let me not stray too far from the subject:  file cabinet on the right was my best option last Tuesday.  35 minutes later I felt pretty good about the overall state of affairs in that file cabinet, but alas, I broke my stapler!  Darn the luck, looks like I'll just have to put off file cabinet on the left until I purchase a suitable replacement.

·            Next, I took everything off my desk and gave it a good cleaning. Not just a dry dusting, nope. Warm, slightly sudsy,   lemony scented water and a nice towel dry.
Okay, you may be yawning at this point and saying to yourself: Boring!  Trust me on this one: a clean and shiny desk in an office that smells good equals a happy work zone.  I also de-cluttered. The pencil sharpener that didn't really do more than gnaw the pencils?  Tossed and added to my list of needed office supplies.

And so went my morning. I had a box of recycling and the lid full of shredding and a nice happy work zone to show for it.
Today I am  still minus a stapler (I was way too busy flying kites and re- learning archery with my family to go running to the office supply store this weekend) so this week:
 I've decided to tackle the sideboard in my dining room that doubles as work/family filing and storage. I'm a bit nervous because I can't quite remember the last time I took everything out of this lovely piece. Wish me luck.

 I'm also going to do away with the ever present basket of incoming stuff that has taken up semi-permanent residence on my kitchen counter. It's full of receipts, coupons, pictures, cards, washers, nails, cameras, and better keeps because this looks important to (insert appropriate family member). 

It’s amazing how much time I have to spring clean my office and home now that I’m no longer working in direct sales. It’s true what they say about less is more. I feel more efficient and in control.  Please try to do yourself the favor of cleaning off your desk and maybe ridding yourself of the clutter of too many things on your plate.  You and your family will reap the benefits.

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  1. I am going to have to try this ! My computer desk is always a mess LOL ! Thanks for sharing!
    Donna Fuson
    Blogging Buddy

  2. wow, you are amazing! i am so glad i didn't know about home office organization day.. gives me an excuse ;-)

    i bet your desk does look great, and i wish i could join you with archery and kite flying, that sounds fun!!

  3. having a clean desk is so nice (glancing at the pile on my desk of homeschool books, notes, etc.)...maybe tomorrow, lol.

    Great work! Keep it up. And I agree with Tettelestai, the archery sounds very fun!

    Your new Blogging Buddy,

  4. Hi Donna,

    Thanks for visiting and commenting.
    I'll be stopping by soon.

  5. Tettelesti- My youngest daughter saw your profile picture and actually said Hi to the cute doggy! She loves all animals.
    My desk does look great thank you!, and if you lived closer, I'd invite you you over for some play time in the back yard. :-) Thanks so much for visitng and commenting, I'll visit your blog soon!

  6. Hi Tamara,
    Thanks for visiting and commenting. The archery was fun, if you lived close, you'd be welcome to come on by too! I'll be visiting your blog soon!

  7. You are not kidding about having more time after direct sales!

    I just "officially" quit mine last week although in my heart I quit about a year ago.

    I'm having too much fun blogging and you can make just as much, although it takes time to make money doing this, too!

    Visiting from The Blogging Buddies...

    Have a great evening!

  8. Hi Carolee,

    So glad you chose to work on your blogs, rather than stay in direct sales because you are a wonderful teacher and proof positive that blogging can pay IF you put in the effort. I wish you continued success!


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