Today’s Press Opportunity - My WAHM Plan

Today’s Press Opportunity

This isn't in my field, but it is such a wonderful opportunity I had to share. If this makes your heart smile, I wish you all the best!

Ladies Who Launch Presents:

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Opportunity for TODAY

Do you have a beauty product? Are you a lifestyle coach?
If so, you probably have some beauty advice to share. Providing informative advice will help get your name out as an expert and spread the word about your business.To increase the odds that your tip will be chosen, make sure to include your advice in summary form and why it works. Tips around skincare, sunscreens, eating habits or any other original thoughts on beauty are welcome. is looking for Beauty Tips from Expert Entrepreneurs and Moms in Beauty.  Submit Yours Now.

Now’s your chance to get the word out about what you know to a1million plus readership of Moms nationwide. Exclusive Members Only Opportunity.
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