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I've been taking it easy the last few days, truly enjoying my dear family and the spirit of Thanksgiving.

I tried reaching out to some of my girlfriends before the craziness of the "holidays" set in, but sadly I found several already too busy, or worse too engrossed in their own " stuff" to really connect with me.  I got off the phone wondering if the call was even worth it.

This saddens me, because female friendships can be hard-won and tricky to keep, especially as we get older. I try to value the friends I have, but friendship must be reciprocal to thrive! I wondered why they couldn't see all they had to be thankful for? Was I living in my own rosy little world?
I know my best friend is happy and I am so very thankful for her.

 But the rest of my circle? I have doubts.

So when I saw this movie over at Simple Truths I just had to share it. Maybe one or two of my " friends" will watch it and realize that alot of the stuff they " talked " with me about is mentioned within.
 Oh, and they might also notice that they never stopped to ask me how I was. Maybe they just figured I was still happy-go-lucky me... but it would have been nice for them to check.

 In the end, it's all good because I really care about them and I've learned over the years to lighten up and not take everything personally .. but I am going to keep my heart open to new friends.

I hope you will enjoy
Simple Truths-it's not just me

and remember this little diddy:

Make New Friends
But Keep the Old
One is Silver
and the other Gold

How do to stay connected with your friends? How do you invite new friends into your circle?

From Our Home to Yours

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Praise rises from thankful hearts, bringing heaven a little closer, making life a little sweeter.

 In this bounty of blessings we call family, friends, and home are found the very reasons that hearts can overflow with thankfulness, with happiness, with love.

 Wishing you Thanksgiving joy.

Purell Hand Sanitizer Review & Giveaway

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I was only too happy to do a review for BzzAgent and Purell considering I buy hand sanitizers in bulk and we use them throughout the year.

I received this Bzz Kit:
4 Jelly  wrap carriers with mini oz. bottles of Purell and pass-along coupons that you can win in my 1st ever giveaway! 
 Do you like dollar off coupons as much as I do? How about ones with no expiration date?  
 Enter my contest below to win ( 5) $ 1.00 off coupons for Purell products * oz. or larger.

The Review:

Over the years, we have tried a plethora of hand sanitizers trying to find just the right combination of:
·         Scent: my family won’t use overly scented ones, especially my husband who never wants to smell like a scented candle.
·         Dry time: Those with Aloe or Lotion are nice, but they take forever to dry! Not good at lunch or snack time at school for my girls, or for a quick squirt after getting back in the car while shopping.
·         Ease of Use: A good pump and/or an easy open top goes a long way with us.

I am very happy to say Purell meets all of our needs and I would highly recommend this product!

·     Purell is easy and convenient to use: both my girls hooked theirs to their backpacks and use them at school daily before eating lunch or snacks.
I carry mine in my purse and use it all the time! Especially while shopping; after I see a runny nose or a cougher right by what I’m getting ready to pick up.
Hubby put his in his truck so he can quickly stash it in a pocket before he enters stores or meetings.
·    Purell has a mild, pleasant scent, gentle on our hands, not over drying with moisturizers and vitamin E and dry quickly without ever feeling sticky!

Thanks BzzAgent and Purell for giving me the opportunity to review, share and host my 1st giveaway.

Spring Forward

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Courtesy of

Since I've been slowly changing the scope and feel of my blog, I thought this would be a perfect time to introduce one of my favorite past times: Gardening.  You may be thinking my timing is off with the cold November winds blowing on many of us, but my favorite magazine, Better Homes and Gardens says otherwise.

They say: There’s Still Time to Plant Bulbs for Spring!
Don’t hang up your trowel just yet! There’s still plenty of time to plant spring-flowering bulbs. In fact, it’s better to plant them late this year than to try to store them for planting next year."

I  am very glad to hear this because I have been itching to do just one more project before Old Man Winter Takes over completely.  Are you a gardener too? Here are some BHG links for you:

Best Tulips for Your Garden

Deer- and Rabbit-Resistant Bulbs

Design Ideas from the Dutch

Add Spring Color to Your Lawn

Planting Tips

The first link, Best Tulips for your garden is where I discovered the amazing yellow Tarda Tulip above!

While you are there, don't forget to grab a free bulb and perennial plan here.  With it, you can plan and dream and have a garden like this next spring.

free bulb and perennial plan

Isn't that pretty? It helps take the sting out of this blustery morning! I'd like it if you'd come back and let me know which Tulip you loved. I had such a hard time choosing just one.

Fall Back

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 Saturday night we set our clocks back and were thankful for the extra sleep we'd get after the busy, fun week we'd all had.

Usually, setting the clock back not only signals shorter days and my hubby getting home from work in complete darkness, but also a frenzy of activity in my business.

For the better part of the last 5 years, I was in direct sales, doing my best to keep my business hours " part-time" and not let the business interfere with family. With the " Holiday Sales" mantra so prevalent in our society, I can tell you that is easier said than done.

Looking back on those years now, from my new non-selling perspective, I see just how wrong my thinking was. They say hindsight is 20/20 and I must agree.

I thought I was happy with all that busy-ness. Even after I quit direct sales, I jumped into trying to earn from online channels, until I exhausted myself. It took me a while to hit the wall, but hit it I did.

And at the end of it all, our accountant always put down Homemaker as my Title. I didn't earn enough to warrant changing our filing status.
Rather than look back on this as a failure, I choose instead to see it as a learning experience, not only for me, but for my daughters. Sometimes in our effort to have it all, we fall short.

This is the first November in a long time where I am free to just be happy and in the moment. I'm just Linda, happy wife, mom, friend and it feels so good and liberating!

My to-do lists are not sources of frustration any longer because I can and do complete my tasks which are mainly home-centric now. Being a part time admin for my husbands business and a full-time wife and mom suits me and my family. I know that sets me up for ridicule by some who feel all Moms should be earning, but I don't care.
I think my happiness and that of my family is far more important. It is my job to teach my daughters how to cook and clean and nurture and build a happy home. It is what's in my heart, it's what my family wants. Does this paint me as a June Cleaver wanna be? Probably, and that's ok too.

To those who do work outside the home: I applaud you and lift you up high. I know yours is not an easy path. I pray that you are at a job that blesses you so that when you are home, you are content.

So, if you are reading this and are feeling stressed, please stop, if only for a moment and double check your course. You may be surprised to find you are on the wrong path. It's okay to stop and change directions.

If you could eliminate just one source of stress right now, what would it be?

Happy Holidays.

The Liebster Award

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The Liebster Award

I received my first blog award yesterday from Carrie at! Thanks Carrie for sharing your sunshine with me. If you need of dose of happy: go visit Carrie.

The Award:I had no idea what Liebster meant, but thankfully Carrie had done the leg work for me. She says she Googled the word and  discovered that the word liebster is actually German for friend, love, or dearest.
Ah, isn't that sweet?

The purpose of this award is to spotlight up-and-coming blogs with less than 200 followers.

So let’s spread the love!

Here are the “official” rules for this award:

1.Copy and paste the award on your blog
2.Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you
3.Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog
4.Hope that your followers will spread the love to other bloggers.
Thank you again Carrie!

Here are five up-and-coming small blogs that I think you should all check out:

1. Natural Living-

2.Minoaka Bebe~Ho'o maikai-

3. Apron Strings and holy things-

4.  Dandelions and daffodils -

5. Raising the Barrs-

I hope you'll go visit them!

CuteKid Free Gallery Contest

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It's November, one of my favorite months with all the cooking and baking and holiday prepping, but before we launch into full Holiday-ness, I wanted to let you know of a great contest .

 Enter those adorable Halloween Photos from now through Nov. 15, 2011.

 Send your friends & family the link you'll receive in an email once your photo is entered into the contest so they can vote for your cutie. The photo that receives the most votes wins a $500 Shopping Spree from Totsy, and 4 additional random photos will win great prizes. Go Enter today and good luck!

Please stop back by and share your link with us! Some readers may not have photos to enter, so they can vote for yours!

This post contains an affiliate link and I may receive compensation depending on readers participation.