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I've been taking it easy the last few days, truly enjoying my dear family and the spirit of Thanksgiving.

I tried reaching out to some of my girlfriends before the craziness of the "holidays" set in, but sadly I found several already too busy, or worse too engrossed in their own " stuff" to really connect with me.  I got off the phone wondering if the call was even worth it.

This saddens me, because female friendships can be hard-won and tricky to keep, especially as we get older. I try to value the friends I have, but friendship must be reciprocal to thrive! I wondered why they couldn't see all they had to be thankful for? Was I living in my own rosy little world?
I know my best friend is happy and I am so very thankful for her.

 But the rest of my circle? I have doubts.

So when I saw this movie over at Simple Truths I just had to share it. Maybe one or two of my " friends" will watch it and realize that alot of the stuff they " talked " with me about is mentioned within.
 Oh, and they might also notice that they never stopped to ask me how I was. Maybe they just figured I was still happy-go-lucky me... but it would have been nice for them to check.

 In the end, it's all good because I really care about them and I've learned over the years to lighten up and not take everything personally .. but I am going to keep my heart open to new friends.

I hope you will enjoy
Simple Truths-it's not just me

and remember this little diddy:

Make New Friends
But Keep the Old
One is Silver
and the other Gold

How do to stay connected with your friends? How do you invite new friends into your circle?
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