Springtime Countdown!

in , , , by Linda A Kinsman, Friday, January 20, 2012
Lilacs ( My favorite) source

With only 59 days left of winter, I will concede that we here in middle Tennessee have enjoyed a nice, mild winter. I sincerely hope it’s steady as she goes until we all welcome spring once again. 
My girls on the other hand feel short changed by the lack of snow days, having only gotten 1 so far this year. We never get lots of snow anyway; it’s the ice that shuts us down in hilly middle Tennessee. So as much as I try to make my kids happy, there’s no way I’m wishing for any type of white stuff! I just nod my head sympathetically and keep my mouth shut and daydream of spring…
 I have so much planned for my gardens and porches and yard this year. This will be the year I re-do the front flower beds, re-paint the front porch, plant wildflowers at our pond and Honeysuckle along the back fence.  
This is the year that I will divide my Irises and make an “official herb garden” so I don’t keep bringing in my pots, vowing to keep them alive all winter, only to be disappointed when I have to dry and save instead.
 This is the year I make peace with the willful rose bush I inherited when we bought this place. Hey, if it can live throw all the cutting and digging up I’ve done to it, it has earned my respect and a pretty trellis too.
This is the year I will help Ms. T and Ms. M have flower beds all to themselves. They’ve wanted one, but can’t seem to agree on the spot; or worse, they want the same spot but can’t agree on the type of garden it should be. We’ve got 5 acres here, I just bet with some patience and ingenuity we can all figure this out.
Yep, those are my big plans for spring. How about you? Do you love digging in the dirt?
What are your favorite things to grow? Flowers, herbs, veggies, fruit?
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