Cleanliness is next to Fitness

in , , , , , by Linda A Kinsman, Friday, June 28, 2013

I’ve been catching up on my cleaning this week. First I got into my closet and let go of a serious amount of clothing I am never going to wear again. Not all these bags came from my closet, just the big bags. 

Donation time

Good news: lots of the clothes were too big or just didn’t hang right on my body now.

Bad news: I still have bins of cute, classy clothes I can’t fit in. I sigh as I write this because I know the solution is simple: eat smart, move more.  But, I am a blogger and home office administrator who sits to work.

BUT, I am also a homemaker who loves a neat, clean home. The solution, or at least part of the solution for me getting into those cute clothes is to clean more, sit less. 

I set this in motion right away, planning wahm that I am, by giving my floors a good scrubbing. 

No Swiffer action here, no ma’am.

I’m talking old school, double sweep, double mop with bucket, ringing out the Lemon Lysol water type scrubbing. I even cleaned the baseboards while I was at it. That’s a perk of mopping floors old-school, you get clean baseboards too.

By the time I’d completed the kitchen, foyer and three baths I was sweaty. No lie.  Like I’d completed a good fast walk. Clean floors, good smelling house and I broke a sweat? 


My clean kitchen floor. Bare feet bliss.

I felt so good about it; I had to check how many calories and hour or so of scrubbing floors burned. According to Fitness Magazine, I burned 112 calories per 30 minutes. I worked for about an hour, so my total would be 224!

Next time I’m feeling bad because I didn’t work out, I’m going to get up and clean something!

How about you?

Do you count household chores towards your fitness goals?