Smokey Bear wants our help with Fire Prevention

in , , , by Linda A Kinsman, Saturday, November 07, 2015
Even though October is the official Fire Prevention month is the United States, the beautiful fall weather has us camping out, hosting backyard bonfires and using our fireplaces in our homes.  I feel the that fire safety is an important message that we all need to be reminded of so, I’ve joined a group of bloggers to share this message on behalf of the Smokey Bear campaign, which is sponsored by the Ad Council, the National Association of State Foresters and the U.S. Forest Service. My thanks to all for sponsoring today’s important message. 

According to the Smokey Bear campaign, nearly 9 out of 10 wildfires are caused by humans! Here are some startling stats:

  • In 2014 there were 7,933 wildfires caused by lightning, but 55,679 wildfires caused by human error (as reported to the National Inter-agency Fire Center).

  • In 2014 more than 3.5 million acres burned due to wildfires in the U.S. of those, more than 1.5 million acres burned due to human-caused wildfires.

While most of us don’t behave in a careless way, each year we learn of devastating wildfires caused because we humans acted in a careless way, which can impact millions of acres of forest and thousands of homes.

During fire prevention month and all through the year, we should be more responsible in our homes as well. For instance, half of home fire deaths result from fires reported between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. when most people are asleep. Only one in five home fires was reported during these hours!

Smokey Bear is asking us to be smart outdoors and in their homes! Here are some important links for us to get and stay informed.

Learn how to build a SAFE campfire to prevent wildfires:

See how easily burning debris can start a wildfire:

Understand how proper equipment maintenance can reduce wildfires:

Safety is not only important indoors, but also around your property and community:
Community Fire Safety

How to prevent and detect fires inside your home:
Home Fire Safety

How to make sure you don't cause a wildfire:

Watch this Smokey Bear question video:

Take the Pledge!

Want to help Smokey Bear prevent wildfires? Join me by taking the pledge here and then go to the National Tally to see how many have joined you across the country here.

Thank you for reading and joining us in our effort to inform and help Smokey Bear prevent Wildfires. Please share this with your friends and family!

 Please share in comments: Has a wildfire or house fire impacted your life?