We all know that feeling- the dull ache in the back of your head, the itchy nose, and the tickle in your throat. I woke up to all those on Sunday morning, but refused to name it. By Tuesday, I was waving the white flag and admitting I had a cold. I have zero energy and appetite by this time, but thankfully, I had received a complimentary bundle of Greens Plus superfood powders and energy bars to try and I am really thankful I did!

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Greens Plus products are non-gmo, gluten, soy, dairy free and  have been helping people live healthier happier lives since 1989. Since my cold was making me feel anything but healthy or happy, I decided to give their energy bar and Advanced Multi wild berry superfood powder a try. 

Why try something new while suffering with a cold? Because Greens Plus has incorporated into their proprietary blend so many nutritionals that target the total body organs and cells. Literally, it is hard to find a competitor who would do the same and I needed to give my body some much needed nutritional help pronto!

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Greens Plus bars are thick and dense and quite tasty. Even with a cold. I really loved the dark chocolate energy plusbar with dates, almond butter and superfood greens.  Greens Plus says the food from Greens Plus when consumed delivers quick satiety results by feeding the body on the cellular levels and delivering the so needed energy to do what we need on the daily basis and I completely agree. After eating just one bar, I felt full and had a bit more energy.

#GreensPlus Advanced Multi Wild berry superfood powder

You know how hard it is to stay hydrated when you are battling a cold, so later in the evening; I decided to give their Advanced Multi Wild Berry superfood powder a try. I wanted to really taste this blend, so I’d know what type of smoothie it would work best in, so I mixed it in water, shook it up in the handy Greens Plus shaker cup and said bottoms up!

Trust me, it tastes a lot better than this color makes you think it would. I was able to drink almost the whole 8 ounces in record time, so I know adding it to a smoothie, or blending it into a favored juice will be an easy way for me to add superfood goodness to snacks and drinks in the future. 

#GreensPlus superfood products

If you want to bounce back from a cold faster, or just add a healthy dose of targeted nutrition for the total body, I invite you to learn more about Greens Plus, by visiting their website and by looking for their products at these retailers.

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Don’t see your favorite store listed? Just us their store locator here  and be sure to utilize these coupons as well. 

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Thanks to lots of rest and the healthy boost I’m getting from Green Plus products, I’m feeling much better today and hope to have this cold gone by tomorrow.

From our home to yours we wish you a very happy, safe, healthy Halloween!

Please share in comments: What type of smoothie would you add the Wild Berry superfood powder to?