Recently I learned about a new to me Essential Oil company that said they made learning and using essential oils easy. Since I’ve wanted to learn more on this topic, I went to the Simply Earth website and was excited to see they offer monthly boxes, free educational resources, affordable prices, and best of all, this is a small business with a big heart, donating thirteen percent of profits to organizations that help end human trafficking. Read on to see all the fab goodies that came in my June EO Recipe Box.

Welcome Summer into your Home with Essential Oils:

Simply Earth Essential Oil Boxes

My thanks to Simply Earth for the complimentary Big Bonus Box and the June Essential Oil recipe box. I’m using affiliate links in this post, which means at no cost to you, I will earn a commission should you make a purchase. Thanks! All opinions are my own. 

What’s inside the Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box for June: Theme- Diffusing:

What’s inside the Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box for June: Theme- Diffusing:

Look at all these goodies! This box contains everything needed to make six fun summer recipes which are:

  • Peppermint Latte Diffuser Blend
  • Summer Sunset Roll-On and Diffuser Blend
  • Beach Day Room Spray & Diffuser Blend 
  • Calm as a Creamsicle Aromatherapy Inhaler & Diffuser Blend
  • Summer Playlist Tassel Diffuser & Diffuser Blend
  • Venture Car Diffuser & Diffuser Blend

June Essential Oils for Recipes

Of course, the first thing I had to do was smell the four essential oils included in the June Recipe Box! I’ll list the scents and their aromas here, so you can imagine unboxing and smelling the essential oils with me.

  • Timber- Aroma is Woody with Notes of Vanilla
  • Peppermint- Aroma is Sharp and Minty
  • Blood Orange- Aroma is Citrusy and Tangy
  • Coriander- Aroma is Sweet & Herbaceous

Which Recipe Will I Try First?

I really enjoyed each smell and it was so hard to choose a favorite recipe, but I finally landed on the Beach Day Room Spray recipe which uses a blend of all four essential oils included in this month's box. The second recipe I want to try is the Summer Playlist Tassel Diffuser & Diffuser Blend! You can take a look at this one on Simply Earth’s blog

June Diffusing Products

Simply Earth really has thought of everything one might need to better understand using essential oils. Each monthly box showcases a theme, like June's Diffusing, to help us make our homes and spaces (including our cars!) toxin free.

My Thoughts:

This will be such a fun and rewarding project for me. I love having a fresh and clean smelling home. I’ll be sure to share the completed project on Instagram soon, so please take a moment to follow me @ismilefirst @ismilefirst and Simply Earth @fromsimplyearth.

Grab The June Diffusing Box and Get a $45 Gift Card!

Simply Earth Big Bonus Box

If you like the June Essential Oil Recipe Box with the fun diffusing projects, I invite you to subscribe to Simply Earth today! As a subscriber using my referral code ISMILEFIRSTFREE at Simply Earth  you’ll receive:


Recipe box (contains 4 full sized oils and extras).Retail value over $166.00.

A free bonus box.

A free $45 egift card.

Free access to our Essential Oil Hero Course (This course is free to subscribers. Non-subscribers can enroll too for $250).

The TakeAway:

I’m excited to learn more about essential oils and add Simply Earth to my cleaning and home care routines and share them with you. I think Simply Earth offers an affordable way to discover essential oils and all their benefits. I did find the paperwork included, which will change with each monthly recipe box to be very easy to follow along with, so I can now say they do making learning about essential oils easy!

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Please share in comments: Which summer essential oil recipe would you try first? 

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