We are almost to the end of what is usually a long winter month for me. The weather is a rollercoaster ride here in middle Tennessee, with beautiful spring-like days that have me itching to garden, only to have nights dipping back into the 20s. We have multiple “winters” here in the South, so rather than dwelling on them, I’ve chosen to celebrate Leap Year and share what I’ll be doing with my extra day. I hope my post will help you productively use the extra day. 

Happy Leap Year: What will you do with your extra day this Thursday? 

Happy Leap Year Day

Some of you may have noticed a longer-than-usual time between posts here on My WAHM Plan over the last three months. The reason for it is I’ve become an empty-nester and, whew, talk about a life shift! I’ve been giving myself the grace and space needed to figure out how to evolve in this new season offline first before I could tackle the needed changes here on the blog. 

My WAHM Plan Evolves with New Blog Bio & Topics:

My WAHM Plan Evolves

I’m not going to lie, this is a big task! My blog is 14 years old, so for the majority of this time, I’ve written about being a work-at-home mom (WAHM) who loves sharing tips and ideas for a happy home life, which showcased being a Mom of two growing daughters, what they liked, activities we did, school events, etc. 

Moving forward, I’ll still cover lifestyle and happy home tips and ideas, but they will be from an empty-nesters point of view. Some new topics that come to mind are:

New Blog Topics Coming Soon:

  • Empty Nesting 
  • Discovering new hobbies as a couple in our 50’s
  • Cooking for Two (again)
  • Day Dates and Road Trips
  • Exploring Local Places as a Couple 
  • Celebrating Holidays with Adult Children
  • Decluttering and refreshing our home for two
  • Exploring New Crafts and DIY projects

I’m excited for this new version of my blog and the new topics outlined above will be like a breath of fresh air here! 

Of course, I’ll still cover the core lifestyle, home, and garden topics you’ve all come to love over the years! Plus, I’m always ready to host a great giveaway and share my latest film or book review. This leads me to the last productive task I’d like to tackle on leap day:

Update My GoodReads:

Update Goodreads

As a book ambassador for several publishers, I receive a lot of books in a month. Some publishers send me advanced reader copies and don’t expect or require a review. I want to share those books with you beyond a social media mention. 

I feel the best place to do that and connect with more book-loving friends is to update my Goodreads account and add to my shelves weekly. I’d love for you to join me there. If you follow me, please leave your GR name in the comments here, and ‘ll be sure to follow you back if you have a family-friendly account.

Happy Leap Day!

I feel more settled and productive already just by adding these two things to my Thursday planner! They are both work-in-progress tasks, but if you stick around, I hope that you’ll slowly witness this work-at-home mom blog's evolution. 

Please share in comments: Are you an empty nest Mom? Or have you experienced a major life change recently?

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