I enjoy a lovely view of my front yard and flower garden from my home office window and as I type this, I’m watching leaves slowly flutter to the ground, an industrious squirrel search for food, and the bedraggled look of not only my flowers, but a couple of my containers as well. These are subtle signs of the change of season approaching, especially in my container garden, so I’m sharing tips on summer to fall container gardening made easy in three simple steps.

Summer To Fall Gardening Made Easy!

Summer To Fall Gardening Made Easy

My thanks to Tusco Planters, Perfect Plants, and Gentlemen's Hardware for sponsoring today’s post. I received complimentary products for review and to share in this post. All opinions are my own. I’m using my Amazon affiliate links in this post for your shopping ease. I may receive a small commission should you make a purchase. Thank you.   

Step One- Pick a Great Planter:

Step One- Pick a Great Planter

I’ve had some of my flowerpots and garden containers for years, and even though I do my best to take care of them, their age is starting to show. I’ve found an excellent planter resource that has planters of all shapes and sizes with Tusco Products.  

 About Tusco Products:

If you’re in the market for a lightweight, extremely durable planter that looks great and comes with a fantastic 10-year warranty, you’re going to want to check out Tusco Products.  Tusco planters are a great alternative to heavy, fragile planters and offer a wide variety of planters and accessories, both traditional and modern styling. I thought I wanted a smaller pot, but then I saw a beautiful statement planter and knew I had to have it! I’ve always wanted a “welcome” container to place at the beginning of our walkway and now I have it!

 Focal Point Found with a Modern Colonial 20" Planter:

Tusco  Colonial Planter

I can’t tell you how excited I was to receive this gorgeous planter! Once I had it out of the box, I could see the quality of workmanship of this made-in-the-USA planter. One of the key features of this planter I like is the built-in water reservoir. This encourages healthy plant growth by allowing plants to practically water themselves. Other features that make this a great container are:

  • Their molded plastic garden planters are made from 100% high-grade polyethylene

  • This planter features a double-wall design creating a water reservoir

  • The weather-proof and tough construction allows you to enjoy your planter all year long

  • The UV protection within the material allows for a long-lasting fade-free performance

  • Can be used indoors or outdoors 

  • You can shop Tusco Products at my Amazon Shop

Step Two- Pick Your Plants:

Once I’d unboxed my perfect planter, it was time to fill it. I knew I wanted an evergreen for the center of the container, One that would allow me to add seasonal plants around it throughout the year. I shopped locally without success, but thankfully found a great online nursery that offered several evergreens. Perfect Plants Nursery.

About Perfect Plants Nursery:

 Perfect Plants Nursery is a family-owned and operated online mail-order plant nursery based out of North Florida with over forty years of extensive experience. They strive to offer our customers exactly what our company name suggests, the perfect plant! 

 I know they did just that for me! Alex Kantor, the owner, helped me select my perfect evergreen by asking about my growing zone, what type of plant and look I wanted, and more. I emailed him a photo of my new container and explained my vision. Within hours, he emailed me back with two plant choices, and I chose the Wintergreen Boxwood Shrub. 

About Wintergreen Boxwood Shrub: 

Wintergreen Boxwood Shrub


I was delighted to receive my order quickly and was further delighted to see how healthy and vibrant my evergreen shrub was! 

I chose this shrub because the Wintergreen Boxwood shrub is perfect if you are looking for a hardy yet attractive green bush that can withstand even the coldest winter temperatures. The Wintergreen Boxwood, aka Korean Boxwood or Littleleaf Boxwood, is one of the cold hardy varieties of boxwood shrubs. We had a very harsh cold winter last year and I lost several well-established shrubs, so this was an important factor. Some other key features I liked were:

  • It features a very dense, compact growth habit, making it excellent for borders or fences. 
  • The evergreen foliage remains green all year long on healthy plants.
  • Its yellow-green leaves add a delicate and charming effect to any landscape year-round!

Once I had my center plant selected, I shopped for companion plants. Since we are in a transitional gardening time, I struck out on finding summer-to-fall flowers, so I opted to save two Hosta plants on the clearance rack. I could tell they just need a little TLC to perk up. You can shop Perfect Plants Nursery here on my Amazon shop

Step Three-Pick Good Gardening Hand Tools:

Good Gardening Hand Tools

I can never have too many gardening hand tools. I can always use another pair of heavy-duty gardening gloves, a way to dig holes, and weeding helpers and I found all three with a local Nashville-based company, Gentlemen's Hardware.

About Gentlemen's Hardware:

According to their website, “Gentlemen's Hardware crafts superior, durable, and responsibly sourced goods for life's adventures. Designed for stylish city-dwellers and avid adventure seekers, we offer a curated collection of multi-tools, outdoor goods, grooming accessories, barware, and more.” I spent several minutes shopping around this fun site and came away with some excellent gardening tools, which would make excellent gifts for the gardeners in your life. 

Garden Gloves and Root Lifter Set: 

If you want to bring a touch of style to your gardening, this set of Garden Gloves and Root lifters is a great option. First up, the gloves are made with soft, durable vegan leather and breathable cotton back. These gloves keep your hands protected while planting, weeding, and pruning. They come in a size large, which was a little big on my hands, but I could still work with them.  

Next up, the stainless steel root lifter for weeding has a cool beechwood handle with laser-etched logos. I love how this tool feels in my hands, and decided it was perfect for making small holes for planting flowers too. For the evergreen boxwood I needed to plant, I opted to use their folding shovel. 


Gardening Tools for fall container gardening

Handy Folding Shovel:

If you’re looking for a  sturdy, portable folding shovel that collapses for on-the-go ease,  Gentlemen's Hardware got it! I used it for gardening, but can also see it coming in handy when we go metal detecting, camping, or covering the embers of a bonfire.  

Some key features to note is its size,  5.5”w x 22.”h x 1.77”d, for easy traveling/carrying, and the sturdy metal construction. You can feel how well it’s made when using it and I’m pretty sure my husband has already laid claim to this handy gardening and multi-use shovel. You can shop Gentlemen's Hardware products here at my Amazon shop.

My Finished SummerTo Fall Container Garden Project:

My Finished Summer To Fall Container Garden Project:

I love how my container garden project turned out! As I hoped, the clearance Hosta’s perked up with a good watering and fertilizer that I added to the soil before I planted anything. I hope this post has inspired you to start a  summer to change out in your container garden as well. I’ll update you on the evergreen as it grows throughout the seasons. 

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