Friday Faves to kick off Summer

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Happy Friday and since it’s Memorial Day weekend, I’m kicking off summer today! I celebrated my birthday yesterday so I’m ready to start this next season with lots of fun summer ideas and even a new blog! More on that later. In my Friday Faves, I’m sharing some new products to help you kick off summer too. 

Friday Faves to kick off Summer!

Friday Faves to kick off summer

I’ve used each item on this list at some point in the last few weeks. I’ve received complimentary products for today’s post and I’m utilizing Amazon affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a small commission should you make a purchase. Thank you. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been gifted a bunch of perennials for my container garden and flowerbeds, so I’ve been outside a lot deciding placement, watering, etc.

While I’m out there working on my zen garden and sweat goals, the bugs are busy working too! Seems no matter how much bug spray I use, I always wind up with at least one big, red, itchy bite. I’ve got just the product for bites, Heat It.

About Heat it: A portable solution to Insect Bites:

treat insect bites on the go with Heat it

Heat it, a Germany-based company got its start from a student competition in 2017. They were annoyed by mosquito bites and tried treating them using concentrated heat. The students were convinced of the active principle and set about developing a small product that could be used anytime an insect bite occurred. 

According to the  Heat It website, they are on an itch-free mission with their innovative insect bite treatment. You can buy the kit on Amazon, Walmart, and other retailers, download the Heat It app to your iPhone or Andriod, place the small device on a lanyard or your key ring, and you are set to treat bites anywhere!

I gave it a try on my recent bug bite and found it to be easy to use and understand. There are 4 simple steps.

  1. Plug the Heat it into your smartphone.

  2. The Heat it app opens automatically on your phone, then you adjust the heat setting.

  3. Allow Heat it to preheat for a brief time. You’ll be alerted on your phone when it's ready. 

  4. Press the Heat it onto the bite for the length of time (short, medium. long) you selected.

Heat it

Feel instant itch relief! Folks, this really works! I tried the short treatment first and found I needed to switch to medium for optimum results. You’ll feel the heat, so don’t overdo it and supervise kids who need to use Heat it. Grab a Heat it here on Amazon. 

Two Tasty Juices for Summer Sipping:

Two tasty juices for summer sipping

I love trying different flavor combinations, so I was pleasantly surprised when I received a box of Wonder Juice, which contained delightful flavor combos like Wonder Lemon, Wonder Melon, and Beetology’s Beet & cherry juice. 

About Beetology: We are Obsessed with Beets: 

I laughed out loud when I read this line on Beetology’s website “Beets are almost as good for puns as they are for you.” I know beets aren’t everybody's favorite, but I love them, maybe not as much as Beetology, but enough that I stand with their self-proclaimed “obsession” with beets and helping promote their health benefits. 

So how does the Beet & Cherry juice taste? It tastes delicious! Beetology is a blend of tart cherries, bold beets, and naturally sweet apples, so not overtly “beety”!  My husband, a cherry justice fan, and I split the chill bottle of this pretty juice and almost opened the second bottle, but decided instead to give some love to the other juices we received.  Grab some Beetology Juice here on Amazon. 

Next up, we tried Wonder Melon Watermelon, Cucumber, and Basil Juice and were delighted!

About Wonder Melon:

Wonder Melon Juice

Wonder Melon, a KayCo company based in Bayonne, N.J. offers a refreshing twist of juices with their 100% organic, cold-pressed juices. Their Watermelon Cucumber Basil is a blend of real watermelon juice, lemon juice, apple juice, cucumber juice, and basil, There are only  80 calories per 8.45-ounce bottle, so I don’t feel bad about serving them to my family this summer. I can’t wait to try their Wonder Lemon next. Grab some Wonder Melon Juices here on Amazon. 

Lastly, I am jazzed about the last Friday Faves product, creamy Tahini!

About Creamy Tahini from Mighty Sesame Co. 

Creamy, squeezable tahini

As I always do before I share a product here, I visit their website. When I visited Mighty Sesame Co. I learned that for over 30 years, their mission has been to bring us, the consumers the best Tahini-based products. All their products are organic and gluten-free. Plus they are made in nut-free facilities and their products don’t require refrigeration, making them the perfect summer picnic companion. 

Creamy Tahini snack

I received the original creamy squeezable Tahini, which I tried with pita bread and carrots. I did add a little salt and pepper to the Tahini but could have enjoyed it plain as well.  When I was on their website, I discovered they offer a Harissa flavor as well, which I want to try. It’s available here on Amazon. 

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you have a happy and safe weekend!

I hope you enjoyed this Friday Favoes to kick off summer! Please let me know in the comments which product you’d like to try first. 

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