Did you ever watch the Jetson’s cartoon and wish you had a smart home like theirs, or at the very least your own Rosey the robot to help you clean up life’s little messes? I sure did! Don’t get me wrong, I actually like some chores, but vacuuming everyday isn’t one of them. This year, I’m putting a smart robot vacuum on my gift list. I think it’s a perfect gift idea to help keep our homes neat and tidy now and in the future. I do hope to see one under our tree! Read on to learn about two new Neato Robotics vacuums.

Perfect Gift Idea for Neat and Tidy Homes:

The perfect gift idea

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About Neato Robotics:

Neato Robot Vacuums helps keep our homes neat and tidy
Courtesy: Neato Robotics

Founded in California in 2005, Neato Robotics helps improve everyday living through robotics. Their mission is to design products customers love, while making the complex simple and affordable. Two things I really appreciate! Neato is highly innovative, being the first to offer a smart, laser- navigating robot vacuum, first D-shaped robot vacuum (more on that later), first to announce a wi-fi connected, app enabled robot vacuum and several other firsts.


How To Select the Right Smart Vacuum:

When you first visit the Neato Robotics website, you’ll have the option to shop all their products, or take the quiz to help guide your purchase based on your particular needs. The quiz is fast and easy! First, it asks you to select the size of your home. My home falls in the large category. Next, the quiz asks you if you’re sensitive to allergens- that’s a yes from me. Next, the quiz asks if there’s certain areas in your home, you’d direct the robot to clean more often? Yes, there is. Once I clicked yes, I was immediately referred to their Neato  D-10 model, so I’m going to share a few details about this vacuum below.

About the Neato D-10 Intelligent Robot Vacuum:

D-10 moves through furniture easily
Courtesy: Neato Robotics

According to their website, the Neato  D-10 is designed for large homes, ultra-performance for the ultimate clean. I’m all for the ultimate clean! This model leads the industry with 60% greater dirt pick up and a True HEPA filter capturing up to 99.97% of allergens and fine dust particles as small as 0.3 microns. The pleated design allows for greater filtering surface area without sacrificing vacuum suction. The HEPA filter is really important to me because we have a medium length haired cat that leaves little tufts of her hair everywhere!

Some other key features of the Neato D-10 are:

  • Impressive coverage area for a quicker clean, up to 2,700 sq. feet on a single charge ideal for the largest of homes.
  • Designed to complete the job. The Neato D10 vacuums longer than ever with up to 300 minutes runtime. 
  • Extra help when and where you need it. Control your robot through the MyNeato app. Clean on demand or on a schedule with Routines. It's up to you, just leave the cleaning to your robot.

D-10 docking station
Courtesy: Neato Robotics

Those are just a few of the cool things I’ve learned about the Neato D-10. There’s plenty more information to be found on the website including price ($ 99.99, which is $100 off!), specs, accessories, docking station and more hereI’ll be the first to admit that the Neato D-10 is definitely an investment piece, as are most smart home appliances. Here’s another option.

About the Neato D-9 Intelligent Robot Vacuum:

Neato Robotics  D-9 Intelligent Robot Vacuum
Courtesy: Neato Robotics 

The Neato D-9 is a flexible and adaptable vacuum option for no-compromises cleaning in medium sized-homes. Some of the awesome key features of the D-9 are:

  1. 40% greater dirt pick up than their Neato D-5 model and an easy-to-clean Ultra-Performance filter capturing up to 99.5% of allergens and fine dust particles as small as 10 microns. 
  2. Large coverage area for a quicker clean. Clean up to 1,600 sq. feet on a single charge ideal for medium to larger-sized homes. 
  3. Zone and No-Go Zone cleaning. Customize your floorplan with Zones that define areas to clean more frequently—or No-Go Zones to identify areas to avoid (like a child's play area or pet food bowls).

D-9 moves around objects and people easily
Courtesy: Neato Robotics

The Neato  D-9 is currently on sale for just $499.99, which is a $200 dollar savings! All Neato Robotics Intelligent come with a one-year warranty as well. You can learn more about this model, including specs on their website here

 Again, both of these smart vacuums are an investment purchase, but are comparatively priced to other smart vacuums on the market. For those of us who love a neat and tidy home and don’t like the chore of vacuuming every day, they will more than pay for themselves over time.

Please share in comments: Do you plan on purchasing a smart vacuum to gift yourself of someone this holiday season?


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