If you've followed my blog for any length of time, you've noticed my love of books and giveaways, so imagine my delight when I was asked to share both with you today, my birthday! It seemed like a fantastic way to celebrate my special day by giving you something too. After all, if it weren't for you, my wonderful readers, I wouldn't also be celebrating my blogs ten year anniversary this year! So, thank you again, and now I'm going to share a conversation with author Peggy Trotter talking about her newest book, The Misfit Bride,  plus share details on a $25 Amazon gift card giveaway along with other book swag!

The Misfit Bride!

The Misfit Bride by Peggy Trotter

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Let's Talk With Peggy Trotter:

Author Peggy Trotter

We have inspirational author Peggy Trotter with us today talking about her new historical romance release. Give us the lowdown on your journey to publication.

Peggy: I’d love to! The road to publication was a long one. I started writing with I was in junior high and then picked it back up again as a young mother. But life gets in the way with its lovely things like kids, jobs, activities, etc., and writing was put on a backburner. Once my nest started emptying, I remember pondering what would fill such a void? The Lord tapped me on the shoulder and whispered, “writing!” into my ear. That’s when I dug down deep and started laying out some goals. I got involved with an organization that helps people on their writing journey, won a few awards along the way, and then received a contract for my first two books." 

What genre do you write in? 

  Peggy: "Well, I write both historical and contemporary, but my newest series, Society of Outcasts, is historical. The first one, The Misfit Bride releases on June 1st. Squee! I am uber excited. I can’t wait to share Cora and Trigg’s adventure. It’s filled with a country mouse/city mouse flavor, a cotillion for good measure, a semi-crazy aunt, and even a shootout! Wow! Sounds interesting. So tell us a little about The Misfit Bride. It’s a bit of a coming of age story for Cora Taggart. But the problem is, she’s a bit of a misfit. Too-tall, proficient at the unladylike sport of baseball, and struggling to find not only her place in life but her happily-ever-after. "

Here’s the blurb for a little deeper look: 

  Zero. That’s how many suitors Cora “Too Tall” Taggart’s entertained in her nineteen years. That is until her father corrals a man nearly twice her age needing a mother for his children. However, Cora’s heart aches to find true love with a man who would embrace all of her misfit qualities. When Trigg Gentry discovers Cora in a back alley, using his horse as her own personal writing desk, sparks fly between them. While he searches for his runaway sister, Trigg crosses paths once again with Cora on a steamer bound for St. Louis, and neither Trigg nor Cora can deny their blossoming relationship. But Trigg’s unexpected exit from Cora’s debutante cotillion comes under suspicion. The guests’ jewelry is missing, and he’s linked to a murder case. Cora fears these accusations will make it impossible to avoid her father’s arranged marriage. And to make matters worse, her heart belongs to the man now pegged as a criminal. How can Cora convince her father that Trigg isn’t involved in either crime when all the proof points straight at him? 

A bit of mystery stirred in I see. So let’s talk about your favorite authors. 

Peggy: "That’s so easy. I have loved Lynn Austin for years. I actually met her and spoke with her about writing. She was so kind and helpful. Lynn has so many books I’ve loved, but my favorite of hers is All Things New. The odd thing about this is, All Things New is set in the Civil War, which has never been my favorite time period to read. So, I picked it up reluctantly thinking I wouldn’t like it. Now, it’s one of my favorites. I also love Karen Witemeyer’s books, my favorite being A Worthy Pursuit. Also, Joanne Bischof’s Sons of Blackbird Mountain captured my inner fangirl. Her writing is so poetic and lyrical. And to totally confuse everyone, I also adore Ransom Rigg’s series of Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children. You said The Misfit Bride was part of a series." 

What are the others? 

 "There are two more books in this series, The Lowborn Lady and The Spellbound Schoolmarm. Basically, the series involves three 19th century women, who never seem to quite fit into society and how they must find their way through life’s challenges to realize their true worth and find their happily-ever-afters. The Lowborn Lady will be released on Dec. 1, 2021, and The Spellbound Schoolmarm will be out on June 1, 2022. Just to give you a little taste for these future books, here’s a little hook of The Lowborn Lady:"

A forced marriage may have saved high-society Rhapsody’s reputation, but nothing can save her from her scandalous heritage. And from The Spellbound Schoolmarm: Schoolmarm Sissy P. Eberlin’s principles of applying rigidity, rules, and reason to deal with reality crumble when not only her past, but her present secrets begin to surface. 

Interesting! You have me intrigued. Where are all of these books set? I assume they would all be from the same area? And what about the time period? 

Peggy: "I’m an Indiana girl, so these books, are centered in New Albany, Indiana, which was a very prosperous city during that time. The area was very involved in the building of steamboats. So all of my ladies begin there, at least, and all of the books are set in the 1850s. But I love setting books in different locations, both places I’ve visited and places and visit via Google Maps, LOL. I’d love some input on some new places if any of the readers have a suggestion, fire away. You never know. I might just choose a reader’s location suggestion for my next novel!"

Well, I know the readers can’t wait to delve into your new books. Where are you headed now in terms of writing? 

 Peggy:  "I’ll be busy getting out these next two books, but I am always working on another book or maybe two or three. My previous series, Unchained Souls, contemporary, has one more book to release, The Secret Mirage, and I’m editing a new historical series as well. There is never a dull moment around here!" 

Thank You!

Thanks so much for visiting and letting our readers know about your new release The Misfit Bride now available on Amazon. 

The Misfit Bride by Peggy Trotter

You can catch up with Peggy at these links and websites. PeggyTrotter.com, Diamonds In Fiction, and Peggy Trotter.  

Peggy: "Thank you so much for having me!" 

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