Something magical happens when you bring your kids into the kitchen with you. From the time my girls were able to stand on a stool to help me prepare sweet treats or just their afternoon snack, I’ve loved watching their faces as they work in the kitchen. Sure, there will be messes and plenty of patience testing minutes- but all that is well worth all the fun you’ll have in the kitchen. I received my first box from Kidstir, a cooking kit subscription company recently and I wanted to share it with you today.

Kidstir Spooky Celebration kit #ad

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Kidstir.  I received information to facilitate today’s post as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Since I'm new to Kidstir, this post will be of an introductory nature. If you already subscribe to their kits, I would LOVE for you to share your thoughts in comments. 

About Kidstir:

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Kidstir says they are helping parents everywhere raise curious, confident, capable children. I truly believe food is a universal love language, so I agree with Kidstir. Cooking can help our kids in so many positive ways. 

Their Mission Statement and why they launched Cooking Kits:

“At Kidstir, we believe in getting kids in the mix—after all, the more opportunities they have to try new things and build new life skills, the happier and more confident they’ll grow up to be. But we’re also parents who 100-percent understand that it can feel near impossible to create those moments as often as we’d like. It’s easy to keep putting them off—until they never happen at all. That’s exactly why we launched our Cooking Kits in 2014. Consider each monthly delivery time in a box: a simple reminder to put the rest of life aside for a little while so you can cook, laugh, and learn with the little people you love most.

As a Mom with older daughters, I can attest to best intentions and trying to carve out these all-important moments. 

Their Promise:

“Food, adventure, and so much fun! That’s the promise of our Kidstir Cooking Kits and one that delivers each and every month. Each kit focuses on seasonal ingredients and special occasions, teaching kids ages 5 to 10 essential kitchen skills along the way. Along with three special recipes, your child will also receive two cooking tools to make them with. And, we help you with all the planning: You’ll receive the shopping list by email before the box arrives. Families love cooking up new memories with Kidstir, and you will too!

Take a look inside their Spooky Celebration Kit:

Spooky Celebration kit form Kidstir #ad

Head to the kitchen and scare up some treats for your ghoulish guests! In this Subscriber Exclusive kit from Kidstir, you’ll find out how to make three Halloween recipes for fiendish food. 

  • Witches Brew
  • Yummy Mummies
  • Scary-Oli

Yummy Mummies recipe Kidstir #ad

I can’t wait to try these with my teen daughter! I think I’ll serve up some party treat Magic Mix while we decide which recipe to do first. I'm leaning towards Witches Brew.

Witches Brew Kidstir #ad

Get your Spooky Celebration Started:

Sure, this kit was made for younger kids in mind, but I say, why let age stop us from having fun? Besides, isn’t Halloween a.k.a. spooky season the perfect time to big a kid again with your kid? 

You’ll discover fun facts about kitchen witches and mummies, make mini jack-o’-lanterns, and play spooky food games. If you start with the Witches Brew like we will, you can use 
your new Freaky Freeze Mold to make skulls and bones for spiced apple cider.

Freaky Freeze Mold and pasta maker in Kidstir kit #ad

Then cook up some Scary-oli with the Pasta Press included in this kit shown in the photo above. For dessert, bake Yummy Mummies for your party guests, then send them home with treat bags decorated with Spooky Stickers. 

Spooky Stickers Kidstir #ad

Aren’t these the cutest stickers? I love all the celebration ideas and creativity found in this one little box! 

Kidstir happy cooking box #ad

I really like that all of the pages are binder ready too. You and you kids can make a binder to store all the fun and recipes until next Spooky Season! You’ll receive the Happy Cooking binder if you become a 12-month subscriber. Let me explain their kit options. 

About Kidstir Happy Cooking Kits Subscriptions:

When you visit Kidstir and click on subscribe, you’ll find lots of options on kits. All pricing is right there and includes any freebies that might come along with your subscription level.

Kidstir happy cooking kits pricing #ad

Happy Cooking Kits Recap: What comes in the kits every month?

My daughter and I have had a lot of fun unpacking all the cute stuff in our Spooky Celebrations box! Let me put it all together for you so you can see exactly what to expect if you subscribe to Kidstir.

Spooky Celebration Kidstir box #ad

  • 3 step-by-step recipes covering all food groups

  • 3 educational foodie pages

  • 2 kid-sized cooking tools and themed activity materials

  • A digital and printed shopping list

  • 3 fun games and puzzles

  • An email newsletter packed with recipes and printables

My Takeaway:

We all lead busy lives and I get that it can sometimes feel like another chore to teach your kids to cook when you can do it so much faster AND with less mess. But trust me on this- you will love it when your kids want to cook for you! My both my daughters who are 16 and 20 can cook well enough to take care of themselves and cook family style meals.

If these kits had been around when they were younger, I would have subscribed in a heartbeat because these kits go beyond how to cook a recipe. They make each kit fun and season appropriate. I love that it educates and allows room for creativity! I can’t wait to see what our next box will contain!

If you are looking for a fun way to spend time with your kids, or perhaps you are looking for a thoughtful gift for your nieces and nephews, I invite you to check out Kidstir’s website here. They have a special going on right now for anyone starting a new subscription. Use code and AUTUMN30 and get 20% off your first box. 

I hope this resource will bring lots of smiles and help you have fun in the kitchen with your kids too!

Please share in comments: Do you cook with your kids? If yes, what is your favorite thing to cook with them?
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