When was the last time you tried a pork rind? I’ll admit that pork rinds aren’t my favorite crunchy snack option, but since my husband loves snacking on a quality pork rind occasionally, I’ve acquired a taste for them. Sadly, not all pork rinds are created equally, and over the years we’ve tasted a few lack luster pork rinds. Imagine my delight when I was asked if I would like to try Southern Recipe Small Batch pork rinds. Southern Recipe? Small Batch? I’m in! They were kind enough to send me a complimentary snack bags of two of their tasty flavors that I’d like to share with you today. They are running a really fun summer snack packing giveaway too! Details below.

Southern Recipe Small Batch pork rinds #ad

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Southern Recipe Small Batch pork rinds I received information to facilitate today’s post as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. 

About Southern Recipe Pork Rinds: The Tastiest Crunch in the South:

#SouthernRecipeSmallBatch pork rinds #ad

According to their about page, Southern Recipe got its start in 1955. In the early years, their pork rinds were made with already smoked bacon rinds. By 1957, the pork industry no longer supplied this product; effectively shutting down the beloved pork rind snack until the founder’s wife thought of a way to save them. With her southern ingenuity and home economics background she invented a two-step process that brought life back to our classic pork rind snack.

Fast forward to today and we’ve got a whole new batch of pork rind yumminess! 

About Southern Recipe Small Batch Pork Rinds:

Try Southern Recipe small batch recipe #ad

Small Batch. Big Taste. That’s Southern Recipe’s tag line on their website and it fits perfectly. While Southern Recipe took a straightforward approach with their tagline; it’s clear to see by their mission statement, they mean to shake things up with their small batch pork rinds. In fact, they state they are starting a snacking revolution! 

“We're starting a snacking revolution and we're calling upon the snackers who won't stand for tiny, three-bite packs any longer. Southern Recipe Small Batch is all about flavor. BOLD flavor. And fuel. The kind that can actually get you through a grueling workout or through an afternoon drag at the office.”

The Pork Rind Re-Imagined:

Snack bags of pork rinds #ad

Maybe this truly is a southern thing, but I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know what a pork rind was. My Dad and Uncles enjoyed them, so I grew up seeing a bag or two on the table right alongside chips and dips. I can’t imagine what my Dad and Uncle might think of the bold flavor combo’s Southern Recipe offers today. There are 10 bold flavor combinations to choose from:

  • #57- Korean Kimchi BBQ
  • #16- Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper
  • #30- Spicy Dill
  • #87- Pineapple Ancho Chile
  • #92- Thai Style Curry
  • #82- Honey Chipotle
  • #91- Cuban Mojo
  • #72- Cilantro Lime
  • #24- Blackberry Habanero
  • #26- Smoked Sea Salt

I received recipe # 16 Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper and #57- Korean Kimchi BBQ to try.

Our Thoughts on # 16 Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper:

Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt pork rinds #SouthernRecipeSmallBatch

It’s always a fun family affair when we get to try food for a blog post, and we dove into this taste tasting with our normal zest. I’m glad Southern Recipe sent me these, since the main ingredients are two things my husband and I use often in our cooking.

My initial thoughts were these pork rinds weren’t overly salty and had just the right amount of pepper for me, but I like black pepper. The pork rind was crispy, crunchy, flavorful and not greasy. Total win!
My daughters are big fans of pork rinds in general but found these pleasant tasting enough that I think they might accept them as a crunchy salad topping in the future.

My husband, the true pork rind connoisseur raved about them! He loved them! In fact, he asked for another snack bag which I happily gave him AFTER I asked him to try recipe #57 first.

Our Thoughts on #57- Korean Kimchi BBQ:

Korean Kimchi BBQ pork rinds #ad

My daughters were excited to try these! We like Korean food, Kimchi- and BBQ- (come on now, we are southerners!) so this flavor combo seemed right up their alley and mine too. We excitedly popped a Korean Kimchi BBQ pork rind in our mouths and chewed and looked at each other and chewed some more… and almost in unison agreed this flavor combo was not for us at all!

For my daughters, it was the discovery that they really don’t like pork rinds in general. For me, it was more they flavor combination. There was just something I didn’t like overall.

Imagine our surprise then when my husband LOVED them! He ate a second bag of these INSTEAD of the Sea Salt and black pepper pork rinds. Go figure! I guess that means my guy is simply more adventurous when it comes to bold flavor combos.

My Takeaway:

If you and your family like trying different foods and flavor combos like my family does; AND you are pork rind fans going in- you’ve got to give Southern Recipe small batch pork rinds a try. If the boldness of the flavors listed above puts you off a little, start with #16 Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper. These babies are tasty good! Plus, pork rinds are a high protein, gluten free, low carb snack option that fits perfectly with so many healthy eating lifestyles. We will be buying these again since they are available locally at Kroger. You can go here to find a store near you.

While you’re there, be sure to enter their SnackPacking Giveaway by solving fun riddles. This is an on going bi-weekly giveaway where you can win lots of cool prizes like 200 hundred dollars and a case of pork rinds.

Summer Snacking Giveaway #ad

Please share in comments: What’s your favorite summer snack?  

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