Wordless Wednesday: February Flowers - My WAHM Plan

Wordless Wednesday: February Flowers

February Flowers Daffodils

February Flowers Red Roses


  1. Are those your daffodils blooming already? Envious! They are gorgeous.

  2. Hi Susan,

    Yep! We are lucky here in zone 7a. I hope spring is arrives very soon for you.

  3. wow that is beautiful. We live in ky and ours wouldnt be blooming yet would they I havent seen any. We do have some flowers that bloom later in the year we love and i have been told are very rare. we call them christ in a manger.

  4. Hi Sam.

    I'm hoping you have some blooms up in your neck of the woods now. I've never heard Daffodils called Christ in a Manger before, so thank you for sharing that with me.


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