The Jigsaw Puzzle app is engaging and fun anytime

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This post is sponsored by Jigsaw Puzzle but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I got my love of Jigsaw puzzles from my Mom. I can remember coming home from school to find a puzzle in progress on our dining room table. My Mom would happily allow anyone who passed by the table to try adding a piece or two, as long as you followed her rules. It’s hard to say which I loved more, helping her lay out a brand new 1000 piece puzzle (corners first of course!), or helping her find the final piece. We had hours of fun together and now thanks to the Jigsaw Puzzle app I can take that fun with me and have fun anytime!

#ad I love this  #Jigsawpuzzle Color Streak puzzle

About Jigsaw Puzzle App:

This app by MobilityWare is available for download in Google Play or IOS and with over 1 million downloads to date; so I can see why they say they are the best puzzle app in the play store. There are so many puzzle choices, over 15,000 HD free and premium puzzles in fact, that I’m sure you will find a puzzle that sparks your interest easily. To get started, simply head to your app store and search for Jigsaw Puzzle. It looks like this in the Google play store.

Downloading and learning app settings:

Once you have the app downloaded and you can see the puzzles, the hardest part here may be choosing which one you want to work first. You will be tempted to hop right in and start putting your puzzle together, but I highly recommend you spend time reviewing these features prior to starting your first puzzle. 

#ad Jigsaw Puzzle app free puzzle choices

The great thing about this app is there are several ways to customize your options and you will want to know these options like how to lock or unlock your puzzle pieces, or how to rotate a puzzle piece before you start. Otherwise, you may have to start your puzzle over to make a change like I did.

#ad Jigsaw Puzzle app free puzzle choices

Choose your puzzle and number of pieces:

#ad Jigssaw puzzle on phone

I simply adore bright colors, so I was drawn to the artistic Streaks of color puzzle. I did make the newbie mistake of setting the puzzle for the 400 pieces, which would be super easy on my dining room table, but on my phone, it was a bit much at first as you can see by the above photo.

As with all apps, especially games, there is a learning curve, so take your time and learn all the features. One of the coolest features for me is the app allows you to sort our corner pieces only! My Mom would love this as much as I do!
Even after I’d sorted out the corner pieces and learned how to rotate each puzzle piece, I still felt starting with 400 pieces was a bit lofty of me, so I opted to restart my puzzle with just nine pieces.

#ad Jigsaw app allows you to work just corner pieces

If you work jigsaw puzzles you may be thinking I can do a nine-piece puzzle with one hand and one eye covered, but I promise you, this puzzle was still fun and engaging! I still messed up a time or two before I got it correct too. Look at this incorrect puzzle.

#ad Jigsaw puzzle done, but not correctly

Can you spot what I did wrong? I struggled to get the pieces apart again to reposition them once I spotted my error. I was playing against the clock since I had left the timer on, so next time I think I’ll turn the timer off.

Key App Features:

#ad Free puzzle of the day with Jigsaw Puzzle app

  • You can play on your phone or tablet
  • Free puzzle of the Day and free puzzle packs
  • New weekly content
  • Play puzzles up to 400 pieces
  • Move pieces in groups
  • Scatter pieces out of the puzzle area with one command
  • Optionally rotate pieces for greater challenge
  • Work on more than one puzzle at a time
  • Challenge yourself with Tournament packs
  • Turn personal photos into a custom puzzle (premium option)
  • App autosaves every completed puzzle
  • Share with friends

My Thoughts:

#ad completed Jigsaw puzzle in app

I love how satisfying it was for me to finish my first puzzle with the Jigsaw Puzzle app! Playing the game feels like the real jigsaw puzzle experience like moving pieces around on a table. I can see myself using this fun app instead of scrolling mindlessly the next time I’m waiting at an appointment, or on those nights where there is nothing on TV to watch, I can wind down with a nice puzzle. This is good fun for all ages! I invite you to go download this puzzle app today.

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