I didn't know until yesterday that September is National Preparedness Month, so forgive the tardy share of this important information. Keeping our kids safe is always top of mind in our family; it was one of the main reasons I chose to work at home, but they still attend public school and go to public events that I have no control over. I'm happy to partner with Save the Children.org and Mom Bloggers club today. For posting and sharing, I will receive two complimentary emergency go-bags as a thank you. 

Emergency go to bag for kids #nationalpreparednessmonth

According to Save the Children,  our children are the most vulnerable in emergency situations.  That’s why Save the Children encourages everyone to act to better protect kids before disaster strikes. 

Did you know: 

  • Every day, 69 million U.S. children are separated from their families while they are at school or child care.

  •  After Hurricane Katrina there were more than 5,000 reports of missing children.  It took 7 months to reunite the last child with her family. (Here is a video of one such family:  https://youtu.be/KJ64WmgT7Gk)

  • Your child’s ICE card should include 3 emergency contacts -- including an out-of-town contact, because during emergencies, local communications are often down.

ICE contact card form

Make your ICE contact cards at www.SavetheChildren.org/ICE.  It’s free and easy!  Fill out one form for your whole family online (Save the Children will not store your child’s info anywhere).  Print out the cards (you’ll get two copies for each child), cut and fold.  Put one copy in a luggage tag to keep inside your child’s bag.  Keep the other copy in your wallet. 

What's next?  

Make an emergency plan and practice as a family.  For helpful tips and checklists visit SaveTheChildren.Org  here .

I plan on re-evaluating my families in case of emergency plan this weekend to make sure it is still relevant to the age and stage my kids are in now. Here are some points I'll be reviewing.

Emergency communications checklist

It is my hope that an emergency situation never separates you from your children, but now is the time to get prepared before an emergency happens!  Please share this great resource with other parents. Thank you!

Please share in comments: Do you already an in case of emergency family plan? If yes, when was the last time your practiced it? 

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  1. It is only mt cat and me living here but I do have ICE numbers in various locations--including all my doctors. My Mom also lives alone and has my number listed with various agencies also. This is one of the most important things to keep up to date even when there isn't a total emergency (massive blackouts, flooding etc).

    1. Hi Michelle,
      It sounds like you and your mom are prepared for emergencies. It really is such an important step to take with family.

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  2. Thank you Linda! I was able to make the cards. What a great idea for any age. Super glad to find these.!!!


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