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I see the Moon, a great STEM learning box offer

The moon has called to us from above for ages. Not only is it a celestial marvel to look at it, is necessary to us mere mortals here on earth. I've looked up into the night sky to find constellations and admire the moon since I was a kid and I've passed my love of the night sky onto my daughters. We have a telescope and try using it as often as possible. If you'd like to help your kids say I see the moon in a whole new and exciting way, check out this great STEM learning box offer from Groovy Labs. 

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Moon Dance STEM learning box

Parents- are you looking for the perfect STEM activity for kids 8 and older?  Why not try a Groovy Lab in a Box

What is Groovy Lab in a Box?

Groovy Lab in a Box is a monthly STEM kit that encourages critical thinking, problem solving and fun! Groovy Lab in a Box incorporates STEM investigations and an Engineering Design Challenge - all designed around the Next Generation Science Standards. Each box has a retro-themed lab notebook and access to the Beyond...in a Box, a special web portal for additional groovy STEM fun!

In fact, Popular Mechanics magazine included Groovy Lab in a Box in its 100% Wholesome Holiday Gift Guide - a compilation of some of the best toys that promote scientific inquiry and engineering.

Take the Engineering Design Challenge!

Moon Dance STEM Box design challenge

Fellow STEMists who want to become optical engineers can be on their way to doing research and investigations through the engineering design process found in monthly-themed Groovy Lab in a Box. Explore Earth’s moon, gravity, mass vs. weight, moon phases, tides, light, telescopes and much, much, more. Check out "Moon Dance" for more groovy fun for STEMists! .  

Parents can take advantage of Groovy Lab in a Box's sale and check it out for yourself! You can get 50% off “Moon Dance” Single Box! Just use code FULLMOON at checkout HERE. Hurry and be sure to give your STEM Friends a groovy heads up while supplies last. Deal ends on EARTH DAY & FULL MOON - April 22nd!  US residents only.

 Please share in comments: Do you have a budding astronomer in your family? What moon phase is their favorite to see?


  1. This is so cool! My daughter keeps asking me so many questions about the universe, that I think this is perfect for her.

  2. Oh this is such a neat idea! I was looking at the other boxes they have and he would go nuts over the Blowing In The Wind box. He loves windmills and turbines. He has a birthday coming soon...I really need to order! These would be so fun to subscribe!

  3. Hi Pepper,

    I bet she would then. The universe is a fascinating subject, especially the moon and how it relates to earth.

  4. Hi Laura JJ,

    Awesome! I'm so glad I shared this on the blog and you were able to find a great birthday gift for your son. I wish him a happy, fun filled day!


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