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Help your teens love to write and send cards with patience and a great pen

March is a very busy card month in our family. There many joyous occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and this year; Easter. I love sending and receiving special occasion cards and want to pass this love on to my teen daughters, so this weekend I pulled out some cards, our family calendar and a bunch of new Pilot pens I’d received from to use and share my thoughts here with you. While I did receive complimentary products all opinions, love of a good writing pen and cards are my own.

Assortment of special occasion cards

When talking with my daughters about writing special correspondences, I learned that sometimes it’s the very act of writing, putting pen to card-stock that stalls their creative process and I can understand that. 

Sometimes a pen doesn’t feel right in your hand, or it doesn’t glide across the writing surface, or worse, it leaves blobs of ink behind! I’m happy to report; you’ll find none of those issues with Pilot Pens! If you want your teens to love writing, give them a great pen and these easy to follow steps!

Pilot Pens- great for writing

 1. Pick Your Pen by doing a writing test:

We each chose a different type of pen from the very nice collection we’d received. After you pick a pen to try, hand out lined notebook paper to practice writing on first, that way you won’t ever ruin a card again! Don’t worry about what they write now. Just let them choose a pen solely on how it feels and how the ink looks to them. We’ll get to the wording in another step.

Do a writing test to see how pens feel and ink looks

We all loved the cool pastel color of the Dr. Grip pen that’s light weight and has a cushioned barrel which feels good in your hand. Personally, I found it to be a little too thick for me, but I know my senior mother in law would love this pen as her hands bother her, so I’m gifting this pen and a set of all occasion cards to her.

My teen daughters preferred the fun and sleek looking Acroball pure white pens with their fine points for their writing styles. Both are right handed with a light grip and so they enjoyed the feel and flow of the ink.

I’m a lefty, who turns her paper and tends to bear down on a pen, so if I’m not using a good pen, I’ll either smudge my previous sentence or find a glob of ink at pause points in my writing. I had no problem at all with the Acroball color medium point pen.

My husband chose the Acroball Pro medium point in blue to sign his card and liked how it felt in his hand and how it didn’t drag on the card stock.  To learn more about any of these pens, just click on their links and you’ll be taken to where you can find them on sale along with a large variety of office supplies.

2. Let your Teen pick the card:

Congratulations card ready to personalize

Whether you buy for one special occasion, or keep an assortment of cards on hand like I do, it’s very important that you let your teen choose the card, not just for the visual aspect, but for the statement inside if any. 

3. Give your Teen Privacy and Time to write:

In other words parents- don’t hover! Nobody likes to write under pressure with somebody watching them, so be patient!  If you want this to be an enjoyable endeavor for your teens and if you want them to ever go beyond a short sentence or two, you must allow time to gather their thoughts and then, allow them to practice writing it out on scratch paper before writing anything on the card.

5. Help your teen address, stamp and mail their cards:

My girls have seen me do this countless times in their lives, so they can do this step on their own. The very best way to make it second nature is to let them take the lead. Give them your address book for cards going to family friends and relatives, or help them look up a friends address with the old school way with the phone book or their preferred way, Google it.  Allow them artistic freedom here as well. If they want to use print instead of cursive writing on the envelope, let them.  It’s their mail to personalize how they choose. 

With a good pen, a nice card and a healthy dose of patience and understanding from us, we can instill a love of writing not only cards, but other correspondence that will serve our teens well from middle school and beyond!

Comments Please:

Do you send out special occasion cards often? 


  1. I love writing hand written notes, especially thank you cards!

  2. Although I do like to write I have never been much of a card sender--for a while I was writing letters back and forth--but not cards for some reason. As a bookkeeper a good, comfortable pen is very important. I have used Pilot fine and extra fine black pens and loved them.

  3. I'm a big believer in sending cards and letters but I think it's a generational thing so I was happy to read this post. I think that not many people send them any more.

  4. These owns are so amazing! I love the colors and the feel of them. I go to school and writing utensils are always needed, but finding the ones that are comfortable is another story.

  5. Hi Heidi,

    I love sending cards too. Teaching my daughters to send out cards, especially thank you cards is important to me because so many teens and young adults today don't do it.

  6. Hi Michele,

    Once upon a decade or so ago, I used to write letters too. Now, I send cards. I like writing things down as I go about my day working and keeping track of the family, so a good medium point Pilot pen comes in handy!

  7. Hi Patty,

    I agree 100% that some kids and young adults were never taught the finer points of communication. If they say thanks, or worse, text thanks, well they think it's enough. Even with baby shower gifts! Not on my watch~ ha! My girls are going to know better. :)

  8. Having a good, quality pen that's comfortable in your hand is very important, especially while in school Professor!


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