Happy New Year dear readers!  I know that some of you are taking time off work to fully enjoy this special time of year so I’ll keep this post short and sweet.  In an effort to make sure I give you more of what you like in 2016, I am doing my first ever year in review post to share with you what posts and topics you liked best in 2015. To really get a feel for what’s working here (besides giveaways!) I removed those from my list. What makes me really happy is that my top 10 blog posts that resonated with you, my readers, is non-sponsored content! 

Working from home allows me to work with my daughters, ages 16 and almost 13. I’m so happy that both of their contributions made the top 10 according to my blog stats. 

In Fashion/beauty this post on Mom fashion by Melissa (12) was a hit!

Back to school outfits for Moms

Book Reviews are a favorite here on the blog, especially my daughter Tera's reviews like this one

You enjoyed my creativity and work flow tips found here almost as much as you like my Organizing/life hacks like this post

Entertaining/ DIY and recipes were well received as well.  Top posts like hosting an epic tween party and sipping Mediterranean Orchard Iced tea on the front porch were viewed thousands of times. 

Mediterranean orchard iced tea on the front porch

What really surprised me was how well all my Wordless Wednesday posts ranked! If they were about flowers, gardening, being outside, our land or my cats, you loved them!

Wordless Wednesday our land, outside, fresh air

You also really liked my weekly chore prompt series and my Color of the Month series. 

White Rose bloom, gardening

What an amazing year 2015 has been! I can't wait to share more of the content you love with you in 2016! If there is a topic you would like to see me cover more on my blog, please feel free to share it in comments. 

Happy New Year to you and yours!
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