With two weeks to go until Halloween arrives, Americans coast to coast are gearing up for this fun filled night in a big way. At our house, we still need to carve our pumpkins and find a few more accessories for our costumes, but we will be ready to celebrate in style! Yes, we do have to drive to celebrate now that we live in a rural area, but there is fun to be found in neighborhoods all around us.  As a matter of fact, Nashville, TN. made the list for top 20 cities for trick-or-treaters compiled by Zillow. 

Top 10 best cities for trick-or-treating 2015

This map shows the top 10 cities. Zillow says they picked areas with the greatest share of their residents are under 15 and the houses are closest together. That would help explain why San Francisco tops their list for the 5th year in a row! 

Top 20 cities for trick-or-treaters 2015

Another way these cities made the cut was by giving out the most candy to all those cute goblins! Speaking of candy, do you know that the average kids gets at least 50 pieces of candy on Halloween? Some kids have reported getting more than 100 pieces! I know we gave out and received a huge amount of candy each year we lived in suburbia, maybe that helped Nashville, TN. make the top 20 list! 

How did your city do? Are there any surprises on the list? I was delighted to see Milwaukee on the list. Can you imagine all those brave parents and kids bundling up against the cold to go trick-or-treating? Way to go! Please stop by Zillow to read all the fun facts on how they came up with their top 20 list and see the in depth neighborhood breakdowns. 

Happy Halloween 2015

From our home to yours, we wish you a happy, safe, and fun Halloween!

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  1. Loving this list. I think my small town makes the list of most candy/less walk. :) I enjoy these type of posts. Thank you for sharing this fun information.

  2. This is great to know that there are some big cities that are safe. In our town, the church sets up stations to keep an eye on the trick or treaters as well as provide them with a resting place, glow sticks, etc. I also think these stations deter some of the shady characters lurking in the dark.

  3. Hi Joyce,

    So glad you liked my post! Thank you for stopping by.

  4. Hi Birdie,

    We have trunk or treat at a bunch of local churches as well. It's fun for the whole family.


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