My family and I are ready to embrace fall and all the fun activities we enjoy doing this time of year, so when our girls asked what we were doing this weekend- they were surprised when my husband and I both said in unison- Chores! Our girls know they should be helping more, and they really do try. 

Lately though, I’ve been feeling like a broken record “reminding” them to do their chores in a timely fashion. And I blame myself for this frustrating turn of events. I knew it was time to update my kids’ chore charts and get us back on track. My weekly chore prompt takes a few minutes to print out and a few minutes more deciding what chores to assign.

My WAHM Plan:  kids chore charts

Not only do my teens need the visual reminder to do their chores, they also feel they should be getting compensated for them - so instead of swimming upstream on this key issue- my husband and I decided to  bring back the chore chart and tie it into their allowance.  

Thankfully, I found just the chore chart I needed at freeprintablebehaviorcharts.comThis site has tons of free printables; everything family expectations, to a cell phone contract to chore charts by age.

My WAHM Plan: kids chore charts

I chose this particular chore chart because it has lots of areas where my creative daughters can personalize their chore chart so it will be uniquely theirs. Since these charts will be hung on their bulletin boards in their rooms, I decided to upgrade the paper I printed them on.

Hammermill paper for printing color copies

I chose Hammermill color copy paper for this project because it is thicker than regular printer paper and has an extra smooth surface which makes all your colors pop.  I’d received this paper free of charge from to review on behalf of Hammermill and had been waiting for the perfect project to try out this paper and I must say; I just love the results! 

The lines are clean and sharp and the colors I saw online are the exact colors I got on the bottom of my chore charts. I will have to keep this paper in stock not only for my color printing needs, but also for my husband who loves how his work sketches turn out on this paper.

As always, I hope you found this week’s chore prompt useful.  I know I’ll feel better not having to repeat myself now that I have an accountability plan of action in place for my girls. Teaching them how to clean a home and the pride that comes with a job well done is near and dear to this work at home moms’ heart.

Please share in comments: Do you have chore charts for your kids? Do you give an allowance for those chores?

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