Ah, summer. You may be officially arriving next week- but here in the south, you are here in a big way. Temperatures will soar to a sultry 96 today in the Nashville area, so I’m making plans to tackle cleaning our patio table and chairs as early in the morning as possible this week. 

Patio Time!


We are fortunate enough to have a covered deck in our backyard and we enjoy spending time there eating, playing cards, or sitting and sipping ice cold lemonade while watching all the wildlife that visits our backyard.

Even though our table and chairs are under a roof- they still get really dirty! With birds and cats and other furry critters visiting our deck, I have to clean this space often to keep it looking like the photo above.   I’ve learned a few time saving tips I’ll share with you now.

Getting Started:

  • The first order of business is deciding when to clean your outside table and chairs. To lesson dry time on patio seating, remove covers from chairs, benches etc. Store in garage or other dry location.
  • Next, sweep floor and walls around seating area to get rid of any debris, including spider webs. 
  • If time permits, you can spray the whole area down with a pressure washer or hose, including table base and chairs.
  • Next, depending on what your table is made of you can either- lightly spray table top with water and use a microfiber towel to clean off dirt and grime. 

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  • If you have a glass table top like I do, I’ve found spraying off the table and then finishing with a spray of window cleaner, then drying with a towel works best and stays cleaner longer. 
  • If table base and chairs are still wet, dry them now with a microfiber towel.  
  • Now you’ll want to check out your cushions. If you have already cleaned them from seasonal storage, great! Just put your cushions back on.
  • If your cushions need cleaning, I suggest using a Shop-Vac. If you don’t own a Shop-Vac, you could bring your vacuum to the garage, or use a soft bristle brush to clean your cushions.
  • Replace cushions, arrange chairs/benches and add a seasonal container full of your favorite flowers and you are ready to enjoy your outdoor space. 

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Please share in comments:  Do you have a covered patio or deck? What activity do you enjoy in your backyard space?
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  1. Thanks for the great article. A lot of useful information. I want to get a power washer and do my patio and steps.

  2. I don't have a backyard or a patio unfortunately--I live in an apartment and no I don't have a terrace either. These sound like really good and practical ways to keep your patio looking great for those lucky enough to have one.

  3. Hi Patricia,

    You're welcome! I love using our power washer this time of year, but a word of caution- you can strip paint off a deck pretty easily if you aren't careful.

  4. Hi Michelle,

    No terrace either? That's a bummer! I wish apratment developers would take the need for views and outside space into consideration when they build apartments.

  5. I have got to spruce up our outdoor living area! We spend a lot of time out there but our furniture is outdated by now.

  6. I cleaned off our patio for a party we had last weekend. It's not covered, so the concrete is very hard to keep clean! But my glass table is similar to yours, and it looks very nice now. :)

  7. i have a tempered glass outdoor table as well, and it doesn't like to stay clean, haha

  8. These are awesome tips for cleaning the patio furniture. I always hose mine down after washing them with some cleaner. It is so important to store the cushions properly or they will get mold all over them. I love to sit on my deck with a cup of coffee in the summer time. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi Ginny Marie,

    I bet your patio looked marvelous for your recent party. Thanks for stopping by today!

  10. Hi Maria,

    We spend alot of time outside too and while our furinture is in great shape, our deck needs some attention. It's on our big house project list!

  11. Hi Samantha,

    You know my troubles then! This table seems to call dirt and grime to it!

  12. Hi Rebecca,

    I try to hose mine down as well if time allows. I agree with your points on storing your cushions. If not done correctly, you'll have a mess on your hands!


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