Hello and happy Monday! The much needed rain has passed in my area for now so I enjoyed looking out my front windows at all the pretty green. There is something so perfect about spring green after a rain. While enjoying my view, I decided that it was the perfect time to tackle inside windows, we’ll tackle outside soon.

I’ve received valuable feedback from friends online, and surprisingly offline regarding my chore prompts.  You prefer my quick call to action prompts versus a how-to write up, so I’ll stick with that moving forward. Thanks again for the emails and chats friends!

Time To wash Windows:

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Fiona in her favorite spot

I would be an unhappy person if my world didn’t have windows! I enjoy my views from almost every window in our home. I share this love of our views with my cats and my kids. While we are bird watching, the cats are leaving little wet nose prints and the kids- well, they leave a little more. Sometimes sticky finger prints, often times their nose prints too!

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Pick an over-cast day to wash your inside windows. You’ll see streaks easier that way. Sometimes I use paper towels and a window cleaner to spot clean my inside windows, making sure the room is cat and kid free before starting.

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For full window cleaning- where I’m cleaning the glass and the window casing and seals, I prefer to use micro-fiber cleaning clothes and window cleaner. 

I know some of you prefer to use DIY cleaners made with vinegar and I’ve tried some different recipes that I'll share with you here.

How to Make DIY Vinegar Window Cleaner:

In a spray bottle mix 50% white vinegar and 50% tap water. Gently swish bottle to mix. Don't shake bottle. 

To use:

I suggest removing drapes/blinds when possible in case of over-spray. Make sure you've cleared out your pets and kids before spraying window. Start with a light spray on the window in sections starting at the top left and working your way over to the right and down the window. Be sure to clean window sills and casings as you go. If your window sills are grimy, be sure to rinse your cloth in tap water before starting next section.

If your windows have a film of grease or grome (think kitchen and mud room windows) you may need to to switch to a soap based cleaner. Here's how to make your own.

How to Make DIY Soap and Water Window Cleaner:

So you don't wind up spraying bubbles on your windows, I suggest switching to a bucket and cloth or squeegee for soap and water cleaning. Then in a large bucket mix 1 teaspoon dish liquid into a gallon of water. Swish gently with hands to mix, careful not to make a bunch of bubbles.

Dunk cloth or squeegee in water and clean from top left to right, then down the window. You'll need to keep a cloth handy to wipe off any drips from squeegee and to clean window sills and casings.

That’s it! We are slowly working our way to a clean home. Enjoy your view this week!

Please share in comments:  do you have a favorite look-out window in your home? If so, what room is it in?

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