The kids are cooking with the BrylaneHome Convection -Toaster Oven - My WAHM Plan

The kids are cooking with the BrylaneHome Convection -Toaster Oven

From a very early age, my daughters have enjoyed spending time with me in the kitchen.  They have graduated up the ranks over the years and can cook a number of things on their own, but there is one appliance that is still a bit intimidating for them to work with; a hot oven. 

As adults, we know that getting hot, bubbling food out of the oven without getting burned is tough sometimes, so I was happy to work with our sponsor today, BrylaneHome, who sent us their 6 slice convection- toaster oven to review and share our thoughts. All opinions are my own. 

About BrylaneHome 6-slice Convection- Toaster Oven:

Convection-toaster oven #BrylaneHome

Their Toaster oven is a multi-use kitchen appliance you will be happy to have on your kitchen counter! Not only is it a toaster, it’s a rotisserie and a convection oven.  You can bake, broil, toast and roast a variety of dishes. It’s small enough to fit on our counter, but big enough to hold a nice size casserole dish. 

I really like the fact that you can set this toaster oven to a low 150 degrees, set the timer and walk away. The toaster oven will automatically shut off.

This is perfect appliance for my kids to use. With the BrylaneHome convection-toaster oven they can make a quick batch of cookies, muffins, or warm up a leftover cheddar drop biscuit or two after school without the hassle of working with the big oven. 

warming up cheddar drop #biscuits

We will be putting this toaster oven to good use come Thanksgiving when oven space is at a premium. I won’t’ have to do the pull, squeeze and shuffle this year when someone else arrives with a dish that has to go in the oven to keep or warm or finish cooking.

The warming feature has quickly become one of our favorites on this Toaster oven. It’s just as easy as using a microwave and you get the feel good warmth of food pulled from the oven.  That’s a win here.

If you are hosting a special holiday meal this year, you may want to save yourself the oven shuffle hassle and head on over to BrylaneHome and check out this convection- toaster oven.


  1. This oven looks nice and big. I would use this instead of the big one for snacks.

  2. What a great way to get kids used to working a oven. The toaster oven looks awesome.

  3. Hi Tara,

    It's a perfect size for snack time. We are using our a lot.

  4. Hi Melissa,

    It is a great starter oven for the kids!

  5. Hi CrazedMom,

    It really is the perfect size toaster oven.Thanks for stopping by.


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