This New Year cleaning resolution tips post is brought to you by Mr. Clean as part of a Type-A Parent Community Sponsored Post.

In my recent Homemaking tips post, I shared my easy to follow Checklist tips on organizing your chores for each room of your house. Even though I have several hot spots to attend to, I was drawn back to my kitchen. Probably because it is a hub for our family and because my husband and I cook family meals almost nightly- this leads to a greasy, grimy stove top!

Look at that mess! Thankfully, I know the perfect product for this job- Mr. Clean Liquid muscle!
Courtesy: Mr. Clean

Have you heard about the new gel concentrate? If you are a fan of Mr. Clean products like I am, you are going to love this one too, especially since it has 2.5 more cleaning power in every drop, so you’ll be saving money while getting your house sparkly clean.  And I love the new auto-stop cap so you use just the right amount for each chore. 

I tipped the bottle over and out came a dollop of lemon scented muscle.

Mr. Clean liquid muscle made cleaning my stove top and my stainless back splash a breeze. It rinses off quickly too so my stove was in tip top shape in no time. Just look at that reflection!

Next up will be my floors. I’ll add 1 squeeze of Mr. Clean liquid muscle to a gallon of water and mop all my floors including my Parquet Foyer because this product is safe to use on wood surfaces too.

My daughters grew up with the smell of clean lemon scented Mr. Clean so they enjoy coming home to that familiar scent. Yesterday my daughter said she wants her room smell like Mr. Clean Crisp Lemon, so she’d need my bottle!

I invite you to learn more about Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle by visiting their website and following them on Facebook and Twitter using their links below.

Share with me in comments- What’s your favorite scent for your home? I love Lemon/Citrus and clean linen scents.

MrClean_CMYKThis is a compensated post brought to you by Mr. Clean. Mr. Clean is kicking off the New Year with the launch of a new product called Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle, a new multi-purpose, multi-surface concentrated cleaning gel that delivers superior cleaning performance on and off the floor. Be sure to like Mr. Clean on Facebook and follow @RealMrClean on Twitter

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  1. I love anything that super cleans, smells good and requires little muscle from me. Lemon smells work for me but for me the smell of Pine Sol means "wow!, she did some work, this place is clean" Hate the smell of traditional Lysol @@ And hi, I'm Beverly from over at BEglorious, Tribe building :)

  2. I'll definitely be passing this along to both my mom and my dad because they both have that style of stovetop and are ALWAYS looking for a better way to clean it!

    Glad to be a part of your SITS tribe :) Have a great day!

  3. Hi Linda, your hob top looks amazing! Much more sparkly than mine. I wish my house smelt all lemony too but alas, it usually smells of wet dog.
    Very much looking forward to working alongside you as a SITS tribe member!
    Best wishes

  4. Hi Beverly,
    So nice to meet you. I used to use Pine Sol too until I had kids, then I changed to Lemon scents.
    I'll be stopping by your blog soon!

  5. Hi Christa,

    Thank you- I'm glad you found my post helpful and will share it with your Mom and Dad.
    I'm excited to be part of the SITS tribe too and will be visiting you soon!

  6. Hi Lady,

    Thank you! Wet dog is a hard smell to combat- I wish you the best of luck with that.
    I'm happy to be part of the SITS tribe too. I'll be stopping by your blog soon.

  7. Liquid Muscle sounds like winner, winner, chicken diner! So I can use it on my stainless steel sink + ceramic floors + real wood floors?? I must check this stuff out!! :)

    {fellow SITS tribe friend}

  8. I have not heard of this and will look for it at the store. I'm restoring an old forest cabin and this product could be very useful in fighting the grime and dirt. Thank so much for the review of this and putting it on my radar.

  9. I may have to try this...the stuff we are currently using for our floors smells horrid! Thanks for the recommendation! Tribe building!

  10. I may just having to get this...the current stuff we use for our floors smells horrid. thanks for the recommendation. Tribe building!

  11. Love a fresh clean scent and products that work well! I'm gearing up for some spring cleaning soon, will have to check this out.

  12. I didn't realize that Mr. Clean had so many products. I need to try using Mr. Clean on my stovetop. It's not a pretty site right now. ;)

  13. The stovetop and oven are definitely a pain point when it comes to cleaning for me!! Just thinking about it right now has me a bit stressed - ;) I love citrus scents for the kitchen!

  14. Hi Trish,

    You must be a triple D fan too. Yep, you can use this Mr. Clean on your real wood floors- even cabinets.

  15. Hi Grace,

    You are most welcome. I would love to see your progress on your cabin. I hope you'll share your adventures on your blog.

  16. Hi Connie,
    Through away that nasty smelling stuff and give Mr. Clean Crisp Lemon a try- I know you'll love the scent and how sparkly clean it makes everything.

  17. Hi Daisy,

    I hear ya. My stove top was almost too yucky to share, but work must come before pride. Ha! I hope you'll give Mr. Clean a try.

  18. Looks fabulous!! Do you have any recommendations for green solutions to this too?
    SITS Tribe :)

  19. I've always loved Mr. Clean products. They clean well and they smell great.

  20. Hi Maria,

    Mr. Clean has been a household staple for me for the same reasons you love the products- scent and they work!

  21. Hi Lolly,

    I can relate! My oven is on my list to get to in February.

  22. Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you! Yes, I do have some ideas on green cleaning products. If you search my blog for Helpful Homemaking tips there are a couple and I will be adding more this year. Thanks for asking.

  23. Hi Barb,

    You'll really like this Mr. Clean product then. It smells wonderful and cleans really well.
    I haven't started thinking about spring cleaning yet, I'm too busy with daily chores, but I know it's coming and can't wait for all that spring brings.


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