Do you judge other Moms? It is in our nature to quickly size up a situation, so I'm not talking about the quick flashes of judgement that cross your mind when you happen to see another Mom in your daily life. 
Those flashes are more like a quick categorizing: new Mom, happy mom, mom who can't find her keys, mom with cute shoes, etc. Those are harmless and we could never stop them. We are wired to do it.

I'm talking about the darker judgements that most Moms won't come clean about. Being a Mom is one of the hardest roles any of us will ever take on and yet, we Moms can be cliquish, catty and judgemental. 

I wanted to join this wonderful empowering movement because I know how it feels to be judged and excluded. I also know first hand how right it can feel to pass judgement. 

Take the StrongMoms Empowerment Pledge

I am a work at home Mom, heavy emphasis on the word work, but to some Moms within my community the term work at home translates to "lazy". 

I see it cross their faces at school events when the meet and greet time starts. I hear it in their thinly veiled (and sometimes not so thinly veiled) comments like " Oh, how lucky you are to be home all day! I bet you get everything done! 

Or, they assume I should take on every school project because I don't have anything better to do. I want to say to them, I DO plenty daily. I want to SHOUT" I am doing it all" and I am no where near lazy! But, instead I fume and I judge them right back.

This cycle has to stop Moms! And it stops with each and every one of us taking a good look at ourselves and seeing if there is room for improvement and change.

I invite you to read some other Strong Moms who have taken the pledge with me. Please read this moving post " Dear Mom on the iPhone  and the Scary Mommy Manifesto

Then go to and join us. 

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  1. It's a sad state of affairs when people judge. It happens to everyone. When I moved to Oklahoma I found I was judged for not being a stay at home mom or a work from home mom. 'you let strangers raise your kids?' or 'I gave up a lucrative career to do the more important job of raising my kids. So when is your last day?'.

    Judgmental people are judgmental regardless of the path take. To build yourself up by putting down others is a way of excusing your own behavior. It's too bad we can't harness that power of put downs for good. I myself am guilty of this, everyone is.

    Imagine how powerful all moms would be if we banded together. Thanks for bringing the subject to the forefront. It's nice to see the breath of fresh air rushing to clear the stuffiness out of the subject.

    Have a great day to all Moms regardless of your schedules!

  2. Hi Penny,

    Thank you for sharing your story and stance on this topic. I am sorry that you got judged so harshly.
    Why would any Mom suggest to another what is best for her and her family?

    It is wrong!

    Being at home isn't for every Mom. Period.
    I don't judge any Mom for her choice in that arena. It is too personal a call.

    If you are happy and engaged with your family and kids when you come home, then I think its wonderful and that is your family dynamic.

    But lots of Moms "think" they need to fit into a certain role. They wind up miserable and take it out on those around them because they don't want to get to the root of their own unhappiness.

    Thank you for supporting this wonderful cause! I truly appreciate it.


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