Wordless Wednesday 2-27-13 - My WAHM Plan

Wordless Wednesday 2-27-13

kitty playtime
Kitty vs. invisible wind. A.K.A. the heater vent below her. She had lots of fun figuring this out.


stevebethere said...

It's funny watching cats get inquisitive heheh!

Have a fantabulosa week ;-)

Linda A Kinsman said...

Hi Steve,

Yes, it really can be hilarious at times. Loved your W.W. picture this week!

Christy Maurer said...

So cute :)

Kelly said...

I love when my cat does crazy things like this. So cute

Unknown said...

Cats are so entertaining! I love watching mine!

Linda A Kinsman said...

Hi Kelly,

We love cats and are thinking of adding to the fun later this year. After a vacation though.

Thanks for stopping by!

Linda A Kinsman said...

Hi Alaina,

Yes, cats are truly an entertainment package wrapped in fur. :-)

Have a great day.