How I got to be a Cool Mom for a Day

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It all happened innocently enough. The kids were out of school for Martin Luther King Junior Day, so I offered to take my 13 year old and just turned 10 year old daughter and a friend each to Dunkin Donuts. They were very happy and started running down the list of their friends, bemoaning how hard it was going to be to pick just one. But they muddled through. 

Courtesy: Dunkin Donuts

Ms. T texted and received a speedy quick affirmative reply. Ms. M’s invitation was done the old fashioned way. A text invitation was sent from my phone, because GASP! I have not caved and bought Ms. M her own phone yet. But that is for another post.

So, did the invite make me cool? In a word, no. 

Nice Mom maybe, but not cool. As any Mom of a teen or tween daughter will attest, coolness is hard won. We Moms are watched and judged quickly by this billion dollar industry group. I have two under my roof, so I know what uncool looks and sounds like. The girls teach me constantly.

As fate would have it, Ms’ M’s friend had to cancel at the last minute due to a stomach bug. Even though Ms. M was sad to not have a decaf latte and donut with her friend, she rose above and happily announced that I could be her friend.  Okay, that is a mini-cool isn’t it? 

We went and picked up Ms. T’s friend and set off for Dunkin Donuts, chatting all the way there.  We were all in high spirits as we set down with our donuts, iced coffees and lattes and the conversation from the car naturally flowed to our table chatter, which was, of course about clothes! That’s when I innocently asked if Ms. T had shared Polyvore with her friend Ms. P.

That is when I became cool!

 Armed with tablets and smart phones, these charming girls started raving about how cool Polyvore was and how cool I was to have shared it with them and how did I even know about it anyway Mrs. Kinsman?

Since Ms. P asked, I shared that I had been asked to write a post on my blog for No Nonsense leggings or tights and part of the requirements for this paid opportunity was to make a Polyvore board.

Double coolness washed over me as these girls gave me, yes me! all manner of attention and asked me tons of questions about blogging and even my opinion on fashion. 

When was the last time you got to talk about your job to the under 14 crowd and keep their attention for more than a second?

Pause for a moment Moms and share my coolness moment… yeah, it felt good!

Ms. T's Collection

Ms. T and Ms. P shared their boards and pins with me. Ms. P even shared a site I hadn’t ever heard of, it’s that cool and so totally non-Mom! 
I have it bookmarked for later. 

And I had to give Ms. M. permission to design on my Polyvore account as well.

 I really like their collections so far.

Pretty Floral
Ms. M's Collection

Will this coolness last? I don’t know. I will be happy with just nice Mom status. But I do know of this place called Beso  I’ve been eyeing that has awesome home d├ęcor, fashion and beauty I might have to share soon. 
Stay tuned.

If you are hooked on Pinterest and you like fashion and beauty, you will quickly become hooked on Polyvore too. Feel free to follow me at either place and don’t forget to let you teen and tween know where you are pinning. You might just be a Cool Mom for it.

You're welcome. 

Leave a comment with your user name at either place so I can follow you back!

Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link to Beso. If you click on certain links, I may receive compensation. Not enough to buy a donut though. :-)

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  1. i have 2 girls and my oldest saids to me im not cool but i am the best mom ever so i am happy with that

  2. Hi Denise,

    Being the best Mom ever is really high praise, I can see why you are happy with it! Keep up the good work and thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. Sounds like a fun day! It's always nice to hear kids say you are the best mom ever!

  4. My problem is that I want all these clothes on there that are made for 6ft2 100 lb chicks..not 5ft 150 lb girls with big butts!!!!! However, I have gotten great ideas off of there!!! Glad you had a great's important as women to take care of ourselves!

  5. I know that feeling of being the not cool 14 year old daughter reminds me of that daily... but her friends love me and even call me mom.. so I must have done something

  6. I also have two teens... and they let me know just how UNCOOL I am. However, my older married daughters argue that I was the mom that all their friends wished was their mom!

    Maybe having children late in life takes some of the coolness away???

  7. hahaha the coolness comes and goes. I did revel in your moment of coolness. =) We kind of get into this place where they dig us, but are crabby, too. lol It all balances out so well as they get older.

  8. Hi Alaina,

    It really is a good feeling!

    Thanks for visiting.

    Have a great day!

  9. LenaJeanne,

    I hear you! I want to start a board for us "curvier" ladies!

    Thanks for commenting!

  10. Hi Kelly,

    Yep, you can tell alot about a Mom by how her friends react to her. If her friends love you, make no mistake, your daughter adores you too... she's just not going to let you know it right now.

    Have a great day!

  11. Hi Mimi,

    Thank you for sharing the moment with me.
    I totally agree with on the ups and downs of relationships with our kids.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  12. Hi Sherryl,

    No, I bet your coolness is still there if your older children saw it and loved it. Your teens now probably do think you are awesome, but for reasons known only to them, they aren't gonna let you know how they feel.
    Have a great day!


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