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Prayers and a Pledge

So many worlds were forever changed last Friday. Even though my home is states away from Newtown Connecticut, I can almost see it; and the people in this beautiful New England town having spent a summer in the area years ago. 
  I wish I could have attended the candle-light vigil last night in Charleston, CT. to show my support.


I have felt helpless in the wake of this tragic, ugly event.
Yes, I have prayed and cried and gasped in horror and grieved right along with the rest of the world, but until this morning I felt powerless to do anything of true value.
 I had no plans to write about my feelings, because, honestly, this tragedy isn’t about me.
  And then it came to me - yes it is about me in one small but meaningful way. I am a Mom raising future Moms. 
Parents- this is our call to action!
 I can’t change the whole world, but I can change my part of it.  
The very best and most useful thing I can do for this grieving town full of families just like my own is to be a better me.
 Make my world- right here, in my home, on my street and community, in my children’s school, in my relationships with every single person I come in contact with starting right now: Better.
I can be a brighter light in this dark world and in turn I can enable my children to be bright lights as well.
It is the only true gift I have to give.
If we all went forth from this moment on with love and kindness in the fore-front, wouldn’t all our worlds be a brighter place?
You are in our thoughts and prayers Newtown.  We will light a candle for you on Christmas Day and I pledge to be a better me from this day forth.


  1. What a beautiful response, Linda. I agree..change begins in us and spreads out through our families. The only real change in a life must come from inside our own life first.

  2. Hi Donna,

    Thank you so much for stopping by and showing your support by sharing your insight.

  3. Yes, we can be brighter lights in this dark world! I like your outlook and encouragement, Linda. And I think we are all getting through this together by sharing our emotions and showing Sandy Hook we feel for them and care.

  4. Being a mom really puts everything into perspective. Change begins with us and then our children. I pray we will one day be able to avoid tragedies like Sandy Hook.

  5. Thank you for sharing. This is a very sad and heartbreaking time..

  6. How wonderful for you to post this!!!! Really, it is just so sad.

  7. I don't think I could have attended even if I lived closer. I tried to watch on tv and saw two women hug and I just broke down crying.

  8. Great post and a great idea. It is something we can all do to make our space safer and more positive. Thanks for your thoughts and words that have given me the motivation to do better.

  9. Hi Katy,

    Thanks for stopping by and being so supportive!
    You are a bright light as well. I enjoy reading your blog.

  10. Hi Desiree,

    Yes, we Moms must do our best to encourage kindeness and compassion in our kids. I like your prayer and join you in it.
    Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  11. Hi Kelly,

    It truly is so heartbreaking... I still can't watch much news because I need to try and keep it togther for my family.
    Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

  12. Hi Tina,

    Thank you for your encouragement. I felt saying something,even if it may be viewed as the wrong thing was far better than not saying anything at all.

  13. Hi Mrs. Stephens,

    I know just what you mean. This whole thing just wrenches at your soul and you can't help but cry.
    Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your heart.

  14. Hi Pam,

    Thank you for your encouraging words. I am so glad my post motivated you to try and improve. That is all we can do, is try to be a better us!
    Happy Holidays!


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