Catching Up

in , , , , , by Linda A Kinsman, Thursday, July 05, 2012

Ah… this is happiness and contentment my soul whispered just the other day.   I am so thankful that I was able feel that special moment and recognize my body and mind sending up Thank yous!
Beautiful Summer, the season to relax and slow things down. Well, the girls and I slow down.  For my hubby- summer is the busiest season of all.  Work is abundant. Nobody wants to gut a kitchen right before the holidays now do they?
So our family does things a bit differently. We don’t over-book. We don’t take a week-long vacation.  We don’t rush through every day.  We allow the word bored to be uttered.
And then we look for simple solutions.



Enjoying the bounty of summer fruits.


Taking a dip in the pool.

Enjoying summer evenings. Complete with sunsets and fireflies.

summer sky

Going on weekend Road trips.

In fact, the girls and I are busy researching our next road trip destination. Yep, we are relaxed and living our American Dream.  We are thankful to have enjoyed a happy, safe 4th of July at home.

How is your summer going?  Are you relaxed and truly enjoying this season?
If not, maybe it’s time to slow things down. Do less. Connect more. I promise, the feeling is well worth the effort!
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