Wordless Wednesday

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Their Daddy's love of the guitar caught on!

I am still in love with Huggies Wipes!  Yes, my girls are way past diapers, but I still buy Huggies wipes in bulk and use them in freely and liberally around the house and on the go.

Today I want to show you an easy and inexpensive way to keep sanitizing wipes on hand.

1. Buy Huggies All Natural Wipes. 


2. Wring out excess moisture.

3. Place in refillable hard travel case.  Ours are plain white, like this:


 but you can jazz yours up if you want. Head on over to Kaboodle for this one: 


or cherishedbydesign.com for this one:

Cute aren't they?

4. Soak with rubbing Alcohol. I prefer to use 70% Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol.

That’s it! It is that easy to make your own sanitizing wipes.

I suggest buying multiple refillable hard travel cases when they are on sale. We keep one in the kitchen, garage and car. 
These wipes are great for cleaning up questionable track-ins in the mud room, wiping down icky flip flops and kids feet, cleaning hands for quick snacks outside or while traveling, stopping chigger and no-seeum bites after working in the yard, or kids running/playing in the grass. 

These D.I.Y. wipes are indispensable at our house. Make some up for you and your family too!

Do you make your own cleaning products? I'd love to see them! Please contact me if you would be interested in guest posting about them here.


May Days

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There’s something almost magical about May.
It’s one of my favorite months. Maybe that’s because I’m a May baby.
Maybe I love how Mother Nature puts on a beautiful flowery show in May.
Maybe it’s because the girls are out of school before Memorial Day and we get to kick off summer early.
Ah, May. What’s not to love?

The last 3 weeks of school is what.  Every year I wonder why the schools try and cram so much stuff into the last 3 weeks of school when we are all tired: parents, students, staff.
 At one point, I even said aloud “who is the person who thought it would be okay to lump Teacher Appreciation week, Read across America week and a field trip together”?
This work at home Mom/volunteer was feeling the pressure, and I’m not even a room mom this year.  
This morning found me volunteering at the elementary school for the Teacher Appreciation week Breakfast. I showed up with my quartered, chilled orange wedges ready to lend a hand.
 As I past the smiling faces of kids in brightly colored and oh-so-comfy looking Pajamas (for Read across America Week);  I was struck by the positive energy all over the school.
The kids are happy. All the teachers and staff are busy, but happy. They are finishing strong.
This happiness is why the days are so jam-packed in May.  It’s all for our kids.
Being welcomed, needed and appreciated made me feel small for my moment of selfishness earlier this month.  
We’ve got 2 more weeks of fun-filled days ahead of us.  Armed with my checklist and a positive, community friendly attitude we will finish strong too!

Do you volunteer at your kids’ school? Please share your thoughts!

SWAG Giveaway

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Wordless Wednesday

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Peony Bush Before

Peony Bush After