Monday and my Plan - My WAHM Plan

Monday and my Plan

Family work balance

It has been a while since I shared my plan for the week. What with the new school year starting, my social media manager position for Kinsman's Carpentry & Custom Cabinets
taking off, and the blessed relief from the heat, I was loathe to sit at the computer last night and type up my plan of action. 

 However, today is the last Monday of the month, so without further ado:

My plan for the week:


Bake banana bread
Go to Ms. T's schools open house tonight
start packing away some summer clothes
re-organize the front closet
move rocking chair project higher up on my list (since it didn't get done last week)
proof read Ms. M's school website and report findings to teacher
harvest basil to make pesto
take old magazines to library for share counter
clean out frig and freezer
continue company checks on security alerts for mother-in-law
update and sync all calendars with upcoming important school/family/church dates
start a new coupon binder/organizing system
stop everything and be grateful when each of my family members arrive home safely,
look into their eyes and be present and available.

Work: His:

Link husbands new website to all social accounts
advertise new website with ad credits received from hosting company, (Google AdWords, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, etc)
Update his profile picture
tag all photos in his gallery prior to ad placement
send follow up letters/emails to recent clients
upload latest project photos on Facebook and website
peruse September trade publications for interesting articles to share
continue to make sure he knows daily how much he is appreciated

 Work: Mine:

visit bloggy buddies, groups, websites and engage in all social media sites
learn more about my Google + account (ie. how to add it to my blog and other social sites)
look into hosting packages for my social media manager division
make a thank you for contacting me letter for initial inquires to hire me
research fee structure for my services
remember to not take it personally when a person or business does not follow up in the same manner or time frame I would
read blogs, take an e-course, continue to learn how best to move forward with my social media manager career
thank the Lord daily that I am blessed to be a work at home mom!

So that's my plan and it's a lofty one to be sure. No matter what, (unless it's billing, cause we need to eat) I will always put family first, so it won't surprise me in the slightest if some of these tasks are back on my list next week.


  1. So much to do this week! Good luck to you in getting most of it done.

    I'd be curious to see your banana bread recipe and how your coupon binder turns out!

  2. Busy week for you! My lists seem to not get done but I'm hoping they will. Good luck on the list!

  3. Another busy week! Maybe one of these daysy list will make sense!

  4. Heather,
    Thanks! I figure if I get at least half of this done, I'll be doing well. Aim high is my motto! I will share the banana bread recipe as soon as I can, it's a family favorite I got out of a magazine years ago.
    I'll update the coupon binder quest (can't find the multi page inserts yet) as soon as I can.

    Have a happy day!

  5. Hi Cat,
    Thanks for stopping by, and wishing me luck on my list, I'm gonna need it. Maybe I should start a Things I've got done list instead? Then I could see my progress! Have a happy day busy mommy.

  6. Wow what a busy week! I really need to get organized. I've just never been great at it, or sticking to it!

  7. Fun blog! I found your blog on mommy bloggers and I cant wait to read more. If you get a second, i'd appreciate if you'd check out my blog at Have a magical day!

  8. Hi Lauren,

    Thanks for stopping by. I'll be sure to go visit your site and chat with you on Mommy Bloggers.

    I love that you signed off with have a magical day! I'll give my best shot!


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