February 2021 - My WAHM Plan

Grow Your Own Spices No Matter Where You Live Book Review & Giveaway

February with it’s cold, dreary winter days always makes me yearn for spring. I know I’m not alone in this need for warmer temperatures to arrive and wipe away the last bit of winter, but we have a few more weeks to wait until spring shows up. Now is the perfect time to start your gardening plans if you haven’t already. I’ve got three books to share with you in the next few weeks that will help with that. Today’s book review and giveaway is all about Spices and how you can grow them no matter where you live.

Grow Your Own Spices at Home!

Grow your own spices book

Share love and positivity through crafting with your teen

The last two weeks have been especially hard on my teen daughter. She has been sick, she’s on a hybrid in person/online school program so she can’t interact with her friends, the weather is nasty so she can’t enjoy her normal outdoor activities AND she’s supposed to commit to a college. That’s a lot to take on! We were chatting one day after school recently that we missed the fun, carefree days of elementary school. This time of year, we’d be focusing our efforts on designing a cool Valentine’s box for the class party. Like a light being turned on, we thought, what is stopping us from doing this now? We gathered up supplies to make a quick Valentine’s box. It’s an easy way to share love and positivity through crafting with your teen.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Box Crafting Time with Teen