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We welcomed September in with a heat wave here in middle Tennessee, so instead of thinking all things “fall” this weekend, I was sipping on a crazy good Cold Brew iced coffee to cool off a bit. If you aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to summer either, this copycat Panera Vanilla cold brew coffee recipe is for you! Making it is so simple with just 6 ingredients! You may have everything you need on hand already. My thanks to today’s sponsor, Torani for providing the sweet vanilla goodness this recipe needs.

Cold Brew Goodness:

 Copycat Panera Vanilla #ToraniColdBrew Iced Coffee #recipe #ad

Iced coffees are one of my favorite warm weather indulgences. Lately, I’ve been on a serious cold brew kick because it has about 65% less acidity than regular coffee, which is helpful when I’m needing my third cup of coffee for the day! When Time allows, I make my own cold brew coffee, but don’t worry if you don’t know how or don’t have the time, just pick up a container of Cold Brew at your favorite grocery store. I shop Kroger for my ingredients, including the Torani Vanilla Syrup. Kroger stocks several varieties of Torani, including sugar free options. Use the link above to find a store near you if you don't shop at Kroger. 

Torani at Kroger:

#ad Torani at Kroger perfect for #ToraniColdBrew

Have you ever used Torani Syrups? I was first introduced to them years ago, when I got the opportunity to work with them here on my blog and have loved them ever since. In case you don’t know Torani yet, here is a little bit of their story.

About Torani:

Torani logo

Torani is an amazing flavor company with a deeply-rooted heritage. Established in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood in 1925, Torani has enticed flavor adventurists with its popular syrups and sauces, putting Italian soda on the map and making the world's first flavored latte. From the start – they have only used the best ingredients like natural flavors and pure cane sugar to craft flavors that are vibrant, delicious and bold. Enjoyed in caf├ęs, restaurants and home kitchens around the world, Torani continues to inspire and lead flavor innovation globally, while remaining a family-owned, Bay Area business. In practice and life beyond the bottle, Torani, a certified B-Corp, believes businesses should create more opportunity and is dedicated to helping all of the people, partners and communities they touch thrive.”

Copycat Panera Vanilla Cold Brew Iced Coffee Recipe Ingredients:

Copycat Panera Vanilla Cold Brew Iced Coffee Recipe Ingredients #ToraniColdBrew #ad

  • 4-ounce cold brew coffee

  • Ice filled glass or mason jar

  • 1-ounce half and half

  • *Whipped topping to taste

  • *Cinnamon to taste

  • * We added these two ingredients to Panera’s recipe to make it our own. *


  • Fill glass ¾ of the way full of ice

  • Pour cold brew coffee over ice leaving room for half and half and whipped topping 

Pour cold brew coffee over ice #ad #ToraniColdBrew

  • Add two tablespoons Torani Vanilla Syrup (about 1 ounce) to cold brew, stir

Pour in Torani Vanilla Syrup #ToraniColdBrew Iced Coffee #recipe #ad

  • Fill glass the rest of the way with half and half leaving scant amount for whipped topping, stir

Pour half and half in cold brew coffee #ToraniColdBrew #ad

  • Top Vanilla cold brew iced coffee with whipped topping

Top Vanilla Cold Brew Iced Coffee with Whipped Topping #ToraniColdBrew #ad

  • Shake a small amount of Cinnamon on top of whipped topping

Top Vanilla Cold Brew Iced Coffee with Cinnamon #ad #ToraniColdBrew

  • Serve and enjoy!

Doesn’t this Vanilla cold brew iced coffee look inviting? It makes the prefect afternoon pick-me-up and is so delightfully sweet and tasty, it could stand in as a dessert!

I hope you’ll give my recipe a try before the dog days of summer come to an end and we find ourselves in the throes of everything pumpkin spice. Don’t worry if you are excited about that flavor combination, Torani has a delightful Pumpkin pie syrup that is perfect for recipes. Be sure to look for it in your local grocery store or order it online at

Please share in comments: Do you enjoy Cold Brew Iced Coffees? If yes, what is your favorite flavor?

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