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This time of year is all about the kids and making memories that the whole family will treasure for years and years. But setting aside special bonding time with my seventeen-year-old daughter has gotten trickier this year as she navigates her senior year of high school and prepares for college. I brainstormed for fun ways to spend quality time with her and found to my delight that several ideas came to mind simply by thinking of her likes. Read on to see if my ideas will help you too.

Spending quality time with my teen daughter #outside #WhatMonthlyPain #ad

1. Do what your teen likes with them:

One of the easiest ways to spend quality time with your teen is to do what they like with them. My daughter loves being outdoors. Whether it’s going for a jog or a walk, helping with yard work, or taking photos, she is always happy to put on her shoes and head out. Going for a walk around our property is a special time for me, and I hope for her as well. Sometimes we walk in companionable silence and other times we talk over the birds. 

Holiday and family traditions keep your teen engaged and happy

2. Let your teen take point on activities:

We decorate for Christmas together every year and no decking the halls will be done without Christmas carols at our house, so I asked my oldest to pick our tree-trimming music, which she was only too happy to do.  Then she and I hung the garland together while singing and chatting to kick off our night of holiday decorating.  By suggesting my oldest take point on a couple of our holiday traditions, I’m showing her a little extra TLC which helps keep our teens engaged and in the moment. Notice there aren't any phones in this photo which is a total win! 

Manicure time with my teen daughter #WhatMonthlyPain #ad

3. Show your teen some extra TLC:

My next fun idea presented itself when I overheard my daughter state that she wanted to do her nails before school the next day, but wondered if she should get a jump on homework instead. Knowing that her schedule has been so full, I offered to give her a manicure, saying I’d love to spend more time with her. 

Showing my teen some extra love by doing her nails

Sometimes our almost adult children need us to take the lead and allow them to revisit activities that were fun for them when they were younger. I always loved doing my daughter’s nails, but as soon as she got old enough to do them herself, I stopped to allow her to grow independent. Doing her nails for her is a love gift that we both enjoyed.  

Advil menstrual helps your teen say #WhatMonthlyPain #ad

Being a teenager on the cusp of graduating high school is an exciting, wonderful, and yes, stressful time for my older daughter, so the last thing I want her to fret about is menstrual pain. Sure, she’s almost an adult and could push on through, but thankfully, there’s a new product I found at Walmart. Advil® Menstrual Pain can help her stay on her regular, busy routine and even add in some more fun activities, so she’ll be saying, “What monthly pain?”When used as directedAdvil ® Menstrual Pain can alleviate aches, pains and headaches she may have during this time. 

I can feel confident about her taking this product because Advil ® Menstrual Pain is caffeine-free, antihistamine-free and easy to swallow. Many other menstrual pain relievers contain caffeine, which can make it difficult for our daughter’s to fall asleep if taken at night, or antihistamines which can make them drowsy during the day.

Find Advil Menstrual Pain at Walmart #ad #WhatMonthlyPain

Finding Advil® Menstrual Pain at Walmart is easy. Just head over to the pain relief section and look for Advil. My store had the menstrual pain tablets on the bottom shelf. My daughter was thankful I found them and that we got to spend quality time together. I think she enjoyed the extra TLC as much as I enjoyed giving it.  I plan on continuing to find ways to bond with my teen daughters and will share this product with my younger daughter too. 

Please share in comments: Do you have a teen daughter? How do you like to spend quality time with her? 
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  1. It can be tough to connect with teenage girls- it looks like you have some solid ways to do that! #client

  2. Hi Jenna,

    I'm happy to share ways of connecting with my teen daughter that are working, so hopefully, they can help other moms too during this age and stage of parenting.

  3. It's always great to spend time together! I have a teen son, so I might need the Advil for myself!! ha/ha

  4. I wish I had a daughter to do all these wonderful things with; having sons we connect differently another woman in the house would be nice though!

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  6. My daughter is now just past thirty but I still enjoy spending quality lone time with her. It doesn't happen often as she has a hubby, four children and a job. Your ideas are perfect for them teen years *thinking granddaughter* We do 80% of our total shopping at Walmart. I'll have to remember when advice giving.

  7. My daughters are all grown up now, but we spent many a day together. Since I home schooled all of my six children, I am quite close to them still. We had so many fun days together as they learned their lessons.

  8. Hi Jamie,

    Yes, Moms need all the help we can get raising our teens.

  9. Ivonne,

    I can imagine being a Mom to boys, but only because of all my brothers!

  10. Gladys,

    I love that you still look for ways to spend quality time with your married daughter. Your comment gives me a peak into my future with my daughters.

  11. I don't have any children--but remembering way back when--letting them decide is definitely your best bet!! Or suggesting something you know for sure she likes to do!

  12. Great ideas with a daughter. I have all boys


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