Helpful Homemaking- New uses for your Lint Roller

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Picture the scene if you will- company is coming, you've cleaned the house, got changed into your company clothes and are ready to welcome guests when you notice your cat has been cleaning herself on the couch- again. It's not the cats fault, you allowed it... but company is coming! So do what I do. Break out your lint roller!

This is how it works here, your methods may vary from mine:

1. Get out lint roller- make sure you've got a clean strip.
2. Move the cat off the couch. Pet the Cat.
3. Lint Roller the Cat. I kid you not, my cat loves this preferring it over brushing. And it works!

4. Marvel at how well the lint roller works on grooming your cat.
5. Throw away gross lint roller strip. 
6. Clean the couch, then the lamp shade of free flying cat hair with clean strip.
7. Check time. 
8. Continue chasing errant cat hairs... until...

You notice the wooden blinds behind the couch are dusty! No problem I think! I've got 5 minutes to spare, I decide to try dusting my blinds with my lint roller!

And - it works! But only on wooden blinds.  Look (don't judge!)

There you have it- two new uses for your lint roller. Do you have a unique use for lint roller too? Share in comments!

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  1. That's a great idea! never thought of that.

  2. Hi Ellen,

    Thank you! I never had either, but as the old saying goes: Necessity is the mother of invention!

    Happy Saturday!

  3. I love it! LOL - I use our lint brush on everything with my messy 3 year old!

  4. I never thought of using it on the cat. I need too! He sheds all over the house.

  5. How clever and I would have not thought of that.

  6. You are amazing! I wouldn't have thought to brush the cat directly, but no doubt my pets would love it. And the blinds, very cool ideas!!

  7. My dog leaves hair all over everything and I would love to have an easy solution to get his hair off the furniture. These are some great tips.

  8. Hi Daisy,

    Thank you and I never thought of using the lint brush to clean up after my toddlers- smart Mommy. :)

  9. Hi Pam,

    If by he you mean the handsome kitty in your profile picture- I bet he does! Give this a try and let me know if he lets you clean him with the lint roller.

  10. Hi Barb,

    I'm glad you lied these idea Barb. I surprise myself sometimes, but a girls got to do what a girls got to do! Please let me know if your cats like getting cleaned this way.

  11. Just used my lint roller the other day in the bathroom. The dog rubs up against the light colored cloth shower curtain and leave hair all over it. Lint roller to the rescue! Also used on cloth lampshades.

  12. Hi Donna,

    That is a great use for a lint roller too! I'm going to keep it in mind because our newest cat loves to play behind the shower curtain.

  13. Hi Maria,

    Glad to be of help. Dog and cat hair is almost as bad as people hair to clean up.

  14. These re amazing ideas! I will have to use it on my blinds. I never thought of that!

  15. This is so funny never thought of using it on the cats. We have 4 of them but it does work good on the furniture but we will try the cat and see how she likes it too.

  16. I know all too well about cat hair. I always keep a few lint rollers around just for this purpose. My grandkids like it when I get out the lint brush to clean their clothes.

  17. I actually have used this on my cats who are long-haired. Works great.
    Sherri J

  18. I never thought to use a lint roller on my cat. What I do is run it over my clothes to remove the hair.


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