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Here, Home, Hope : Book Review

I was excited to receive my 1st book review offer through One2One.com network, and  after reading the book description I knew I wanted to read this book, whether I was selected to review it or not!
Here's the brief description I read:
Here, Home, Hope by author Kaira Rouda is the fictional story of one woman's courageous journey through midlife crisis and personal reinvention - all told with a sense of heart and humor.
Kelly Mills Johnson becomes restless in her thirty-ninth year. An appetite for more forces her to take stock of her ordinary middle-American existence and her neighbors’ seemingly perfect lives. Her marriage to a successful attorney has settled into a comfortable routine, and being the mother of two adorable sons has been rewarding but exhausting. Meanwhile, Kelly’s own passions lie wasted. She eyes with envy the lives of her two best friends, Kathryn and Charlotte, both beautiful, successful businesswomen who seem to have it all. Kelly takes charge of her life, devising a midlife makeover plan.
Here, Home, Hope will surely appeal to readers of chick lit and other women’s fiction titles who are ready to transition into something new in their own life.

Thankfully,  just a few days later I was selected to do the book review! I waited anxiously for the books arrival, and I must say; I was not disappointed!
Here, Home, Hope was in my mailbox on a typical Friday evening and I had the book devoured by Sunday evening! Yes, it was just that good and oh, so relate-able! Having just finished up another school year with the perfect Moms ( you know the kind), getting nowhere in my sales business, and staring down another 40-ish birthday the following week; it felt like Kaira Rouda could be talking about me, my neighborhood and the players within.
When the main character Kelly started her Things to Change list (or T2C for short) on post it notes I was thrilled because I'd be lost without my post-it notes. Actually, the T2C list had a huge impact on me and yes, I have started my own.  F.Y.I.  Kelly's T2C list is included in the back of the book for easy reference, which is genius, thanks Kaira!
Ladies, if you feel you are stuck in a rut, or are just surviving Suburbia- this book is for you! The characters in this book are very much like the families in neighborhoods all across America. 
 Here, Home, Hope is a great summer read;  but it's more than that - it's also a witty, fun way of showing all of us that the grass is not always greener, we shouldn't compare ourselves to others and we really need to be kinder to each other and stop assuming all is peachy! ( See # 4 & 5 on Kelly's T2C list).  Rarely do I come across a book that is a fast and fun read and is filled with great advise. That's what you'll find with Here, Home, Hope.

I highly recommend this book! Put it in your tote to take to the pool, park or beach. It's also THE perfect Book club read coming with its own Q&A in the back.

Here are some other great reviews I want to share with you.

Jenna Blum, New York Times bestselling author of Those Who Save Us and The Storm chasers, and one of Oprah’s Thirty Favorite Women Writers: ”Reading Kaira Rouda is like getting together with one of your best friends – fun, fast, and full of great advice! Here, Home, Hope sparkles with humor and heart.”
Claire Cook, Best-selling author of Must Love Dogs and Best Staged Plans says: " Reading Kaira Rouda is like getting together with one of your best friends- fun, fast, and full of great advice! Here, Home, Hope sparkles with humor and heart."
Well said Ms. Cook.
Learn More about Here, Home, Hope by:

* Watching the video book trailer HERE *
*Visiting the author Kaira Rouda at http://www.kairarouda.com/.*
* Connecting with her on Facebook & Twitter.*
Here, Home, Hope at Amazon through my affiliate link below. * Or sources listed at KairaRouda.com.*

Thanks so much for reading my 1st book review!  I can't wait to do more.  I hope you'll purchase Here, Home, Hope and enjoy this book as much as I did. Please come back and let me know how you liked it.