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Flashback Friday 2005

Friday, January 27, 2012

* 2/27/1-  Update: I am pulling the picture of my girls off this post as it has been receiving traffic from forgeign sites that I don't feel comfortable about. *

I received an invitation to join a new blog hop called Flashback Friday. I've been wanting to add more weekly themed posts so this was right on time.   I hope you will join in the fun and travel back down memory lane with us.

Meet Ms. T ( in blue) age 5 and 3/4 yrs. and Ms. M ( in pink) just one month shy of 3 yrs.  Ah, the sweet sisterly love, the joy of the candy and turning ones tongue a new and improved color. Sharing licks and seats and smiles.
 I wonder if I handed them a ring pop today if they would share like this? Maybe but doubtful!  That's why we have camera's and memories right?

Happy Flashback Friday everyone! Want to join us? Stop by Melissa's Blog and add your link.


13 Responses to “Flashback Friday 2005”

~The Bargain Babe said...

Awww what a sweet picture. My oldest is 7 and the youngest is 20 months...they don't do a lot of sharing. :)

Melissa said...

They're Ring Pops look good! Great photo to share, now following your blog and looking forward to reading more from you :) Happy Friday Lovey!

momto8 said...

fun picture! my boys still share their ring pops..only because they want top taste their brothers.
i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

Linda said...

The Bargain Babe,

Maybe when you little one gets a bit older they will share more.
I love the stage of 18 to 24 months! So many wonderful new discoveries to share and their little personalities are in full bloom. Enjoy it!

Linda said...

Hi Melissa,
I hope your flashback Friday hop grows and grows, it's fun! Thanks for stopping by and following.

A.E. said...


Linda said...

Hi A.E. thanks for visiting and commenting. Yep, they are cuties aren't they?
Have a great day!

SoMo Mom said...

Adorable! Whoever invented the edible jewelry is a genius in my book! Great pic.

Linda said...

Thanks for stopping by SoMo Mom, and yes I agree, the ring pop maker was a super smarty!
Happy Friday!

Maggie@SquarePennies said...

Love the photo! Priceless. Thanks for sharing!!!

Linda said...

Hi Maggie,

Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I'll hop on over to your blog soon!

Helen Spencer said...

That's EXACTLY why we have the camera and the memories. Make sure you save them all!

Linda said...

Hi Helen,

Thanks for stopping by! I love pictures, but am not the best at scrapbooking, so I finally decided getting them in photo books and frames with dates and memo's on the back was good enough.
Have a great day!


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