Wordless Wednesday: Easter Cat style

Happy Wednesday! I hope you enjoyed your Easter. My family and I had a lovely time and fun times were had when our 2 year old cat Fiona discovered Easter eggs.

She went from this:

Calm kitty at window

To creating this mess in record time!

Cats love Easter Egg hunts too

Have a happy day!

Please share in comments: Do you celebrate holidays with your pets? If yes, how?


heatherp626 said...

This is so cute and funny! Cats and dogs, like kids, can make toys out of anything! Hope you all had a great Easter!


Elena said...

Your cat is so cute.

Linda A. Kinsman said...

Hi Heather,

Thanks! We did have a great Easter!

Linda A. Kinsman said...

Hi Elena,

Thank you- she is our cuddly one.